lntelligent Power Grid Platforms xGrids

First-Ever Intelligent Power Grid Management Solution For Power Utility Companies
Power Plants/Power Flow/Consumers
  • The Electricity industry has been similar during last 150 years since it was utilized as the energy source.
  • Electricity flowed in one direction from power plants to consumers. (actors: suppliers and consumers)
Power Plants/Consumers
  • So, it was not such a hard job to manage the power grid.
  • There have been a few management systems for each grid area during since 1990s.
  • EMS for power plants, SCADA for transmission line and DMS for distribution line.
Power Plants/Evs/Consumers/Small DERs/ESS/Big DERs
  • The power grid goes more and more complicated with solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles, etc.
  • The electricity is going to flow in any way and it is very challenging to manage the security, cost, loss of a whole power gird. (actors: suppliers, consumers, prosumers)
<2019 Advanced EMS Forum in US>
2019 Advanced EMS Forum in US
  • World is moving forwards renewable energy
IEC TC57 Communication Standards Architecture
IEC TC57 Communication Standards Architecture
  • Even if there are international standards for communication between systems
Case of KEPCO in 2013
Case of KEPCO in 2013
  • Legacy grid management systems can not connect to one another easily (No Utility-Scale Solution)
Power Plants/EVs/Consumers/Small DERs/ESS/Big DERs/EMS/SCADA/DMS
  • So, the utility-scale smart grid solution is strongly needed to transform a traditional power grid to an intelligent one.


  • Power Quality Improvement : Voltage, Frequency (World Top)
  • Reduction of Electricity Outage Time (World Top)
  • Reduction of Electricity Loss (World Top)
  • Reduction of CAPEX, OPEX in management ICT systems such as EMS, SCADA, DMS, etc (30~60%▼)
  • New Value Creation with Intelligent Apps.


  • Integration of Legacy Power Grid Management Systems
  • Supporting the International Standards and Proprietary techs
  • Real-time Power Grid Analysis Platform
  • Expandable With the Application Development Platform
  • Intelligent Apps and Feedback to Legacy Systems
For KEPCO's Purpose, Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform Based on Standard
  • Three Sub Platforms (Integration, Analysis, Apps)
  • Design in 2014-2015
  • Develop, PoC, Deploy, Roll-out in 2016-2019
For KEPCO's Purpose, Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform Based on Standard
  • xGrids Trademark:4
  • xGrids Intelligent Apps: 16
App. Development, Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform
  • Consists of Three Sub Platforms
    (Integration, Analysis, Apps)
Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform
  • Communication Between All Systems and Sub Platforms
  • Supports Most of International Standards, de-factos(Communication Protocols, OPC-UA, IEC 61850, etc)
  • Gets Data From Systems, Deliver To Two Platforms
  • Feedbacks the Processed Result To Systems
AScreenshots of Integration Platform(OPC-UA Program), Communication For Smart Grid
  • A Screenshots of Integration Platform (OPC-UA Program)
  • Communication For Smart Grid
App. Development, Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform
  • Analyzes the Whole Power Grid in Real-Time and Accumulate The Results
  • Shares the Results to Two Other Sub Platforms
  • Reacts in Real-Time like Digital Twin for Power Grid
Analysis of Power Grid, Fault Level Analysis, Contingeny Analysis, State Estmation
  • Screenshots of Analysis Platform
  • Analyze, Alarms and minimize on the grid perspective
  • The result file is Compatible with PSS/E
App. Development, Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform
  • Smart Grid Application Development(Linux, HTML5, J2EE, SOAP, WSDL, etc)
  • Feedbacks the Processed Result To Legacy Systems
  • Reacts in Real-Time like Digital Twin for Power Grid
A Screenshots of Apps Platform
  • A Screenshots of Apps Platform
  • SCADA, DMS, Renewable system works more efficiently because they have smart grid feature on xGrids
Another Screenshot of Apps Platform
  • Another Screenshot of Apps Platform
Service on Xgrids Service Detail
xGrids SCADA Application-Focused, Flexible SCADA System
xGrids PGA+ Power Grid Analysis and Related Intelligent App.
xGrids ITIL ICT Resource Governance based on ITIL
xGrids ESS Monitoring System For Energy Storage System
xGrids OPC-UA Interlink Systems Via IEC 61970(OPC-UA)
xGrids Renewable Operation System For Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine
xGrids Transfer Substation Automation Transfer Equipment based on IEC 61850-90-2
xGrids WAMAC Operation System For Wide Area Measurement and Control
xGrids HVDC Operation System For High Voltage Direct Current
  • Old-fashioned legacy system can be transformed to smart grid system on xGrids without much investment
No. App. Name major function copyright no.
1 xGrids WebSCADA Provide Web-based SCADA information PG201601102
2 xgrids Webservice SCADA DB access through webservice PG201601104
3 xGrids Interface OPC-UA based SCADA link PG201601103
4 xGrids SPS SCADA~SPS data link PG20171211
5 xGrids Pop-up Pop-up related to failure logic PG20171212
6 xGrids Sequence Control Batch control in case of emergency PG20171213
7 xGrids Report Report of SCADA big data PG20171214
8 xGrids DAS Link SCADA~DAS data link PG20191372
  • List of 16 xGrids Apps (1/2)
No. App. Name major function copyright no.
9 xGrids Data Link Manager Monitoring of linked system PG20191373
10 xGrids OPC-UA Server Server module of OPC-UA PG20191374
11 xGrids OPC-UA Client Client module of OPC-UA PG20191375
12 xGrids CB Management Circuit Breaker management(time, count) Upcoming
13 xGrids F/R Data Analysis Management of F/R data remotely Upcoming
14 xGrids Event Analysis Analysis of SCADA event trend Upcoming
15 xGrids Human error pre. Human error prevention during control Upcoming
16 xGrids DB Verification SCADA DB verification Upcoming
  • List of 16 xGrids Apps (2/2)
Yearly Power Outage Time Per Household
  • Global No.1 Power Outage Level After Deploying xGrids Solution
    • 10.88 mins in 2015 → 8.59mins in 2018 (21%▲)
Transmission & Distribution Loss Rate
  • Global No.1 Power Loss : 3.7% (Generation to Client)
  • Thanks to xGrids, KEPCO became world No.1 utility company in 2016 Forbes rankings
Item Legacy SCADA Next SCADA Remarks
CAPEX (annual) 18.1 million 7.91 million 56%↓
Availability 99.9% 99.9999% 6Sigma
Downtime (annual) 8.76 hrs 0.01 hrs 8.75 hrs↓
App. S/W
KEPCO Ownership
0% 100% New Value
Security Protocol 0% 100% New Value
Experts Education (annual) - More than 70 New Value
S/W Certifications (annual) - More than 14 New Value
Switching Delay
(Primary Server↔Backup Server)
30s Real-time New Value
Switching Delay
(Primary Center↔Backup Center)
60s Real-time New Value
  • Benefits From xGrids SCADA (1/2)
Item Legacy SCADA Next SCADA Remarks
Time sync. Accuracy 1~10ms Less than 1 ms 10~100times ↑
Rate of Old Equipments 75% 30% 45% ↓
New Function Development 3~5 times 1 time 66~80% ↓
Rate of Auto Monitoring 20% 100% 80%↑
Rate of Digital Network 50% 100% 2 times ↑
Accuracy of Time 1~10ms 1ms below 10~100 times ↑
Function of BCS 14% 100% 6 times ↑
Accommodation of RTUs 30 2,000 66 times ↑
The no. of DB Task 6 times 1 time 83% ↓
Computing Performance 500,000 tpmC 1,500,000 tpmC 3 times ↑
  • Benefits From xGrids SCADA (2/2)
  • xGrids is KEPCO's flexible power grid management platforms which comprises three sub platforms, which are platform of power grid analysis, platform of power systems integration and platform of intelligent application developments.
Analysis of Power Grid/Integration Platform Based on Standard
  • xGrids made a power grid as a service coming up with a lot of benefits in electricity quality, cost reduction and many more perspectives.
  • There are over 2,000 power utility companies in the world and they are challenging in implementing smart grid by applying ICT technologies to the traditional power grid since 2000s. The objectives of smart grid is enhancing efficiency in quality and cost as a whole grid perspective. But, the solutions in the market are only for certain purpose and cover partial area of the grid.
Grid Mgt. System By System, Traditional Power Grid
  • Utility companies need smart grid platforms for integrating all the legacy solutions, data and developing intelligent apps. xGrids is a first-ever proven, utility-scale, innovative platforms for implementing a real smart grid bearing efficiency.
  • KEPCO is one of the biggest power utility company in the planet with millions of facilities, lots of grid management systems such as SCADA, DAS, Renewables, etc. and 22 millions of customers. The systems were not able to connect to one another with being lack of interoperability. The quantity of data has been tremendous. But, there was no utility-scale smart grid solution in the market.
App. Development, Analysis of Power Grid, Integration Platform
  • Therefore, KEPCO researched to develop a flexible smart grid plaforms comprising integration platform, analysis platform and intelligent apps platform supporting standards and proprietary techs for the first time in the world during 2013-2016.
  • xGrids is a game changer in the implementation of utility-scale smart grid as there has not been a solution for a whole-grid perspective. There are grid management solutions for specific purpose such as SCADA, DMS, RMS etc in the market. It was very challenging to develop a flexible smart grid platform for any utility company. xGrids can transform any traditional utility company into smart grid with three platforms structures.
  • KEPCO became a smart energy creator after deploying xGrids and reduced the yearly per-household power outage time from 10.88 mins in 2015 to 8.59 mins in 2018, which is world No.1.
  • Thanks to xGrids, KEPCO became world No.1 utility company in Forbes rankings and won the CIO100 Awards in 2016. xGrids was introduced twice from 2017 to 2018 SCADA World Summit in London and Singapore.
  • In addition, KEPCO reduced next SCADA cost from 90.5million USD to 39.6 million USD on the basis of xGrids and enhanced its grid systems availability from 99.9% to 99.9999%. KEPCO has developed 16 intelligent applications on the xGrids during 2014-2019 coming up with a lot of business benefits. KEPCO is currently trying to analyze and reduce the congestion cost of about 5 billion USD.
  • xGrids has created a utility-scale smart grid platform solution which has not existed in the industry. xGrids is a huge breakthrough innovation to go forward from traditional power grid to smart grid coming up with reduction of electricity loss and cost, improvement of power quality and many more values. It is a Smart Grid as a Service making electricity industry more intelligent. xGrids has been deployed to KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) which is within the 5 biggest companies in the world and proven the benefits expected by smart grid. xGrids can boost power utility company to the 4th industrial revolution era.
Intelligent Power Grid Platforms xGrids
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