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Request for Proposal - EDGAR Filing Services
Notice Information

February 11, 2014 

Request for Proposal - EDGAR Filing Services


Korea Electric Power Corporation(“KEPCO”) hereby requests a proposal(the “Proposal”) in connection with the EDGAR filing services for KEPCO.


The Proposal should include the following information;

1. Fees and expenses for the EDGAR filing services

    a. Proposal for Form 6-K and Form 20-F EDGAR filing specifications

    b. Proposal for 1 year contract

    c. Capped price quotation is required

    d. 20-F printing(200 copies only) & design specifications

2. Brief description of your firm’s reputation and standing in the EDGAR services

3. Include the numbers and amounts of contracts you provided to Korean Corporations over
the last five years.

In order to be accepted for consideration, kindly submit your proposal by 10:00(Seoul time) on February 19, 2014(Wednesday) by email to winstraight@kepco.co.kr.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms. Younseung Lee(Telephone : (822) 3456-4217, Email : winstraight@kepco.co.kr). 

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