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KEPCO STORY 2017 Prepared on 25.08.201710946

The courage to challenge the unknown world
   the passion to make a beautiful evening
   the delivery of hope to isolated areas
   are all made possible by KEPCO.
   The symbiotic energy to create a better world...
   is made by KEPCO.

KEPCO creates energy of hope

   The first electric company, Hansung Electric Company brightened Korea in 1898. With rich experience and premium technology, KEPCO became the heart of the Republic of Korea.
   Owning 6 power generation companies and 4 power group companies, KEPCO demonstrates its capacity as a leader in the world energy market based on its competitiveness as a smart energy company.

   Managing power generation, renewable energy like wind and solar power and even super-high voltage transmission and transformation facilities and distribution networks, KEPCO is a comprehensive power company.
   With its outstanding operating capacity, and world class transmission and distribution loss factor and outage time per household. KEPCO is a proud energy company of Korea that provides stable supply of high quality electricity.

The light of KEPCO spreads to the world

   Starting with the thermal power plant’s restoration project in Malaya, the Philippines in 1995, KEPCO has conducted various overseas projects in areas ranging from power generation, transmission and distribution to new renewable energy.

   The United Arab Emirates’ nuclear power project, won after fierce competition in 2009, was an unprecedented achievement that confirmed the competitiveness of KEPCO in the nuclear industry. Meanwhile, by acquiring the management right of Barakah plant for 60 years, KEPCO has established itself as a nuclear exporting powerhouse providing state of the art EPC and nuclear reactor management services.

   Furthermore, by diversifying its export model to include the new energy industry and renewable energy, KEPCO is striving to establish the Global KEPCO Energy Belt that connects North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and is continuing to strengthen its brand power as a global company.

The light of KEPCO, a sharing warm heart

   Delivering hope to isolated areas...
   Returning the love from people to the people...
   KEPCO is leading the way at the very front.

    After establishing the KEPCO Social Volunteer Group, the first case as a public corporation, KEPCO engaged in continuous CSR activities and is helping isolated people and regions nearby power facilities to practice the value of ‘sharing’.

    Furthermore, in Bitgaram Energy Valley which is the new platform of the global energy industry, 500 companies worldwide will be stationed by 2020 in order to create a global energy cluster.

    To pioneer overseas market for SMEs, we have adopted the KEPCO Trusted Partner Brand system, and support our partners’ participation in industry conventions like the Hannover Messe. KEPCO will continue to be a pillar for SMEs to become strong players of the Korean economy.

   The dream of KEPCO becomes the future
    Amid paradigm shifts in the energy industry like the Paris Climate Agreement, and rapid growth of emerging economies, KEPCO is creating a new growth engine by pursuing a value-creating new energy industry.

    Deviating from the traditional energy industry, including EVC, ESS, Smart Grid, and Micro Grid, etc. KEPCO is pursuing technology development and commercialization in the new energy industry. We are also striving to prepare the technological foundation for IoT which has infinite potential as a new power industry.

    In addition, by developing innovative strategies such as the world’s biggest offshore wind power complex in the southwestern sea and the HVDC submarine cable from Jeju to Jindo, as well as the  technology development and commercialization of the Smart Grid, KEPCO is creating new value by converging technology and the ICT industry.

    KEPCO will establish ‘Bitgaram Energy Valley’, the cradle of ecosystem that creates shared value, as the hub of the global energy industry, and lead the new energy industry and create a bigger energy world.

   Two people meet and two worlds communicate

   the moment when life shines brightly
   the moment when dreams are realized
   KEPCO stands together in every moment.

   With the invisible energy of happiness
   KEPCO opens a hopeful future