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  • Q9. Financial Reports
    KEPCO disclose its Korean financial reports on Financial Supervisory Service website(dart.fss.or.kr).
    For KEPCO's financial reports in English, please refer to the menu, Investor relations > U.S Filing.
    ※ KEPCO's English Annual Report, Form 6-K can also be downloaded from SEC web site
    (www.sec.gov > Company Filings > Search 'Korea electric power').
  • Q8. Date of Earning Release

    Normally, KEPCO's 1Q earnings are released in May, 2Q in August, 3Q in November, and 4Q in February of the following year.

    For historical earning release dates as well as upcoming events, please refer to the menu, Investor Relations > IR Information > IR Event on our IR website.

  • Q7. Date of Dividend Payment
    The amount of dividends to be paid is confirmed at Annual General Meeting in March each year.
    Normally, dividends are paid once a year in April within one month from AGM.
  • Q6. Dividend Status
    Dividends are applicable to registered shareholders as of December 31, and details are decided at Annual General Meeting.
    * For further details on KEPCO shares outstanding, please refer the menu, Investor Relations > Stock Information > Dividend Payment on our IR website.
  • Q5. American Depositray Receipt(ADR)

    Citibank, N.A. is KEPCO's depositary and each ADS represents one-half of one shares of our common stock.
    * ADR and ADS stand for American Depositary Receipt and American Depostary Share, respectively.

  • Q4. Stock Exchange Listing Information
    KEPCO's shares are listed on both KRX and NYSE. The details are as follows:

    Listed Exchanges


    Listed Date

    Korea Exchange(KRX)


    10/ 8/1989

    New York Stock Exchange(NYSE)



  • Q3. Credit Ratings

    ‘KEPCO receives credit ratings from domestic and international credit rating agencies. KEPCO’s current credit ratings are Aa2 from Moody’s and AA- from S&P. KEPCO maintains credit ratings of AAA from domestic credit rating agencies.

    * For further details on Credit Ratings, please refer to the menu, Invester Relations > Financial Informations > Credit Ratings on our IR website
  • Q2. General Meeting of Shareholders
    KEPCO normally holds Annual General Meeting of Shareholders once per year in March, and holds Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders depending on issues. Two weeks earlier than general meeting of shareholders, AGM or EGM notice is disclosed on websites of both KEPCO(Investor Relations > U.S. Filing) and KRX(Main > Listing/Disclosure).
    * Notice for ADR Shareholders conducts through Citi, KEPCO's ADR Depositary Bank.
  • Q1. Shareholder Structure

    The Korean government, the largest shareholder of KEPCO, holds a 51.1% ownership stake including that of Korea Development Bank in KEPCO. 

    Korea Development Bank is a Government-controlled entity.
    * For further details on KEPCO's shareholder structure, please refer to the menu, Investor Relations > Stock Information > Shareholder Structure on our IR website.