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Survey for supplier information
for nuclear project in KSA(Period : 23 June 2019 - 25 July 2019)
KEPCO, as a global No.1 utility, is engaged in a total 39 projects including nuclear, thermal, renewable,
transmission & distribution projects in 24 countries.
In particular, KEPCO and Team Korea has the capability to provide a total solution for nuclear power plant project.
Team Korea led by KEPCO is the most competitive supplier candidate for
KSA LNPP project and are committed to the promotion of localization involving maximum use of local contents.
#KEPCO would like to cordially invite your company to take part in our survey to further our understanding on your capabilities.
KEPCO plans to utilize this survey to prepare localization strategy and explore Saudi suppliers that can potentially participate
in the nuclear project in KSA. Your kind support will be appreciated.
[Survey instructions]
Please fill out two(2) survey forms below and send the completed forms and attachments by
25 of July by e-mail : nuc@kepco.co.kr, hyuntak.hwang@kepco.co.kr Downloads are available below.