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Overview of SMR development

  • Small Modular Reactor (SMR) : a module with a capacity less than 300MW
  • Relevant agencies : Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Office of Strategic R&D Planning
  • Development goal : An SMR with improved safety and economic feasibility (expected to be approved and commercialized by 2019)
  • Governmental support : Planning (100% for 4 tasks) → design Certification (70%, 2 tasks) → Detailed design (30%, 1 task)
Overview of SMR development
Category SMR
Current status
Pre-feasibility test is being conducted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, as part of potential market development activities to establish future technology development projects (2012-2019)
Expected date of commercialization
After 2020
Perfect passive safety cooling without equipment for power supply is possible
Economic feasibility
Integral unit, modular unitInstallation of multiple modules to improve economic feasibility
Level of innovation
Innovative concepts applied

Primary Characteristics

  • The SMR is being developed to more effectively prevent potential severe accidents by establishing a perfect passive safety.
  • Making reactors smaller using modules improves economic viability and safety allowing NPPs to be built underground on a smaller site and in a shorter construction period.
6 modules of SMR, installed underground example images