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Significantly improved reactor developed to more effectively address energy resource depletion, sustainable development, economics and safety to win public's support.

Provides a comprehensive solution regarding fuel supply, spent fuel reprocessing, waste disposal, and proliferation issues

  • Sustainability
    • Sustainability of energy supply secured through enhancing fuel resource utilization
    • Environmental burden reduced by decreased waste generation
  • Safety and Reliability
    • Secured a level of safety and credibility accepted by the general public
    • Improved safety system does not require special measures including emergency response
  • Economics
    • Gained competitive edge over other generation sources in terms of operation costs for entire NPP lifespan
    • Reduced financial risk burden thanks to decreased initial capital investment
  • Proliferation-Resistance & Physics Protection
    • Preventing terrorism and diversion of nuclear energy from peaceful uses

Gen. IV Reactor's Major Quantitative Targets

Gen. IV Reactor's Major Quantitative Targets
Category Gen Ⅳ Gen Ⅳ
Safety (Core damage probability)
Less than 10-6/reactor-year
Economics Construction Cost
US$ 1,000$/kWe or less
Generation unit Cost
3¢/kWh or less
3¢/kWh or less
Deterred institutionally through NPT
Fundamentally excluded
Construction time (from contract signing to commissioning)
7 years
3 years