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One of the primary development policies of the APR1400 is to increase the level of safety dramatically. The following safety goals have been established to improve the level of plant safety by a factor of ten. The APR1400 reactor has been designed to meet these safety goals while securing an additional margin of safety to protect the owner’s investment as well as public health.

Major Safety Goals of APR1400

  • The total Core Damage Frequency (CDF) shall not exceed 10-5/RY for both internally and externally initiated events and 10-6/RY for a single event and/or an incident occurring in a high pressure condition.
  • The containment failure frequency shall be less than 10-6/RY.
  • Radiation doses at the site boundary shall not exceed 0.01 Sv (1 rem) for 24 hours from the start of core damage in case of containment failure.