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Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC

  • WEC, the provider of technology for Korea’s first nuclear power plant-Kori Unit 1, has cooperated with the Korean nuclear industry since its onset. The company was selected as prime contractor for Kori Unit 1 in 1969, and has participated in the construction and operation of Kori Units 1-4 and Yonggwang Units 1&2 built with reactors developed by the company.
  • WEC also took part in construction of Yonggwang Unit 3-6 and Shin-Kori Units 1-4.
  • WEC is involved in Korea’s first NPP export, the Braka UAE nuclear power plant project, as a sub-contracted company of Doosan Heavy Industries.
  • British multinational energy company AMEC is widely known for its project management expertise and experience dealing with various projects related to oil, gas, renewable energy, and nuclear.
  • AMEC has been involved in the development of the Korean energy sector since establishing a joint venture, AMEC Partners Korea, in October 2008.
  • The company is providing technological advice to Korean nuclear industry, and cooperating with KEPCO using its top quality human resources.
  • U.S.-based Bechtel is a global leader in the construction and nuclear field. The company’s involvement in the development of the Korean nuclear industry stretches back to the construction of Kori Unit 1.
  • The company participated in drawing up contracts related to design, purchase, and construction of Kori Units 3,4 and Yonggwang Units 1,2.
  • Bechtel is currently providing technology advisory services to contractors in the nuclear sector and helping KEPCO develop its human resources.
Sargent & Lundy LLC images

Sargent & Lundy LLC

  • Chicago-based Sargent & Lundy is providing technological consulting to KEPCO for its Braka NPP project. It also played an advisory role for Korea’s OPR1000 reactors including Yonggwang Units 3-6, Ulchin Units 3-6 and the KEDO project in North Korea.
  • The company participated, as a foreign advisor, in architect engineering for OPR1000 in great number of projects including Yonggwang Units 3-6, Ulchin Units 3-6 and KEDO nuclear project, which shows it has kept a close relationship with Korea.
  • S&L is recently offering technological advice to the contractor of UAE BNPP nuclear project, and working with KEPCO using its top notch technologies and human resources