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Primary Contractor for NPP Exports

  • Employees : 19,728 (as of the end of 2012)
  • Revenue : US$ 44.6 billion (2012)
Korea’s push to develop nuclear power as a significant provider of the nation’s energy resulted from a strong desire to wean herself from reliance on energy imports, which currently stand at 97 percent. The organization on which this responsibility primarily falls is KEPCO. Korea’s largest government-invested company (51-percent share), KEPCO along with its 5 nuclear energy generation subsidiaries, plays a key role in promoting the status of Korean engineering, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance in the nuclear sector. This total nuclear solution is referred to as "One KEPCO."
With majority shares in the five nuclear subsidiaries, KEPCO is able to present a united front which is capable of undertaking every aspect of the lifespan of the NPP from design and development all the way through to decommissioning. In addition to its subsidiaries and the company’s core competencies, One KEPCO also benefits from the contribution of over 1,300 business process outsourcing (BPO) vendors and private sector representatives, as well.
Domestic construction companies including but not limited to Samsung Engineering & Construction, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Daelim, SK Engineering & Construction, Dong-A Construction, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, GS Construction and Daewoo Engineering & Construction are vital to Korea’s ability to construct the most advanced nuclear reactors in a competitively short period of time. Furthermore, One KEPCO would not be complete without the invaluable participation of several major global players in the nuclear industry with whom KEPCO has entered into strategic partnership agreements including Westinghouse of the United States, Toshiba from Japan and other global enterprises which take part in KEPCO overseas projects.
In addition to One KEPCO, it goes without saying that the success of any NPP export is the participation of capable and qualified local companies as well. KEPCO highly encourages local companies to bring an NPP online. From the first stage of technology accumulation, companies from the country in which the plant is being built can participate in the construction and design of the plant. Equipment manufacturing and operation and maintenance are additional ways in which local entities can play a role, eventually contributing to the host country becoming a more self-reliant nuclear player in its own right.
In order to accommodate growing demand for energy in the future, the Korean nuclear industry is determined to take a more active role based on its experience accumulated over the past 33 years in the engineering, manufacturing, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of NPP projects around the world.