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Advanced design features, such as direct vessel injection, fluidic device, and sparger are adopted in the APR1400 in order to enhance safety. Comprehensive performance evaluation tests were carried out to verify their reliability and performance.
Contribution to the standard design licensing of the APR1400 and Establishment of performance Verification technology for advanced reactors
Verification of new design concepts and development Of key technologies in the APR1400
  • Testing of new Design concepts
  • Analysis of new Design concepts
  • Development of Key technologies

1. Fluidic Device Performance Test

  • Passive flow regulator (Fluidic Device) in Safety Injection Tank
  • Purpose
    • Verification of Fluidic Device Performance
    • Production of Design Data for Fluidic Device
  • Major Characteristics of Test Facility
    • Full Scale Test Facility
    • Prototypic Physical Condition
Test Facility example images
  • Fluidic Device
    Adoption of a fluidic device in the safety injection tank takes full advantage of the tank inventory by regulating the injected flow rate, thus eliminating possible coolant loss in the event of a large break Loss of Coolant Accident(LOCA). The results of the Probabilistic Risk Assessment(PRA) show a one order of magnitude reduction in the core damage frequency compared to the OPR1000.
Fluidic Device example images

2. Direct Vessel Injection (DVI) Performance Test

Experimental investigation of multi-dimensional T-H phenomena in the reactor vessel downcomer during Large Break Loss-Of-Coolant Accident(LBLOCA) reflood phase for the DVI performance evaluation
Schematic Diagram example images
Test Facility example images

3. Sparger Pest

Thermal-hydraulic tests of the unit cell sparger for evaluating the performance of the Safety Depressurization and Vent System (SDVS)
Schematic Diagram example images
Sparger example images

4. CEDM(Control Element Drive Mechanism)

  • Load Following Operation
  • Purpose
    • Measurement of CEDM life time for load following operation
    • Identification of weak point of CEDM components
  • Major Characteristics of Test Facility
    • 12 finger CEDM rod tests
Test Facility example images

5. Power Operated Safety Relief Valve(POSRV)

  • The four POSRVs perform the overpressure protection function and rapid depressurization function of the Reactor Coolant System
  • Set pressure adjustment at normal operating conditions
  • Replacement of Pressurizer Safety Valve & Safety Depressurization MOV of OPR1000
  • Size : 6 × 8 inch
  • Flow Rate : 540,000 Lb/Hr (American Society of Mechanical Engineer Certified Capacity)
  • Open/Close Set Pressure : 2,248/2,338 psig
  • Open/Close Stroke Time : 0.8/1.1 Sec., Max. (including Dead Time)
Test Facility example images