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General Arrangement example images
The general arrangement of the APR1400 has been developed based on a twin-unit and slide-along concepts. The layout of the APR1400 can be divided into Nuclear Island (NI) and Turbine Island (TI). The NI consists of Reactor Containment Building (RCB), Auxiliary Building (AB) and Compound Building (CB). The CB includes access control area, radwaste treatment area, and hot machine shop as common facilities for both units. The TI is composed of Turbine Building (TB) and Switchgear Building (SB).
The RCB is located at the center of the NI and is placed on a common basemat with the AB, which houses Emergency Diesel Generators (EDGs) and Fuel Handling Area (FHA). The layout of NI improves the structural safety margin against external events such as a seismic event.
The layout of AB, particularly for the physically separated arrangement of safety equipment, is designed to enhance plant safety. As examples, four train Safety Injection Systems (SISs) and two set of EDGs are arranged that each one is placed in the physically separated division of AB. This configuration prevents the propagation of system damage by internal and external events such as flood, fire, security and sabotage. Other internal structures are also arranged to improve maintainability, accessibility, and convenience of equipment replacement.

Arrangement Concept

Single failure criteria

  • Meet single failure criteria as a basic rule, and take additional consideration of the possibility of the occurrence of multiple accidents using the Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) method.
  • Apply station blackout requirements caused by loss of off-site power

Internal/external hazard factors

  • Take into account internal hazard factors such as on-site fire, flood, internal missile, and falling accidents
  • Design to guarantee integrity from hazard factors caused by natural phenomenon


  • Apply the divisional and quadrant layout concept against fire, flood, missile, and high energy release, etc.

Flood protection

  • Remove or minimize potential flood sources in safety-related areas
  • Secure sealing and minimize sections of potential penetration at flood protective barriers

Fire protection

  • Set up fire control area to facilitate fire confinement
  • Isolate safety-related system with 3-hour rated barriers

Radiation protection

  • Apply ALARA ("as low as reasonably achievable") principle
  • Separate radioactive & non-radioactive systems
  • Separate radioactive & non-radioactive areas

Quadrant arrangement

  • Reinforce separation requirement via quadrant arrangement for the divisional and inter-divisional walls
  • Enhance protection capability against fire, flood, and hazard
  • Efficient arrangement of the 4 train safety injection system
  • Safety arrangement requirement of the foreign Advanced Light Water Reactor

Containment & Auxiliary Buildings

The APR1400 general arrangement incorporates many advanced design features among which include:
  • In-containment refueling water storage tank
  • Quadrant divisional separation
    • Complete separation of 4-train safety systems
    • Protection from the propagation of internal hazards
  • Complete separation of non-radioactive and radioactive systems/
  • Common basement for seismic resistance
Containment & Auxiliary Buildings example images

In-containment Refueling Water Storage Tank

The In-containment Refueling Water Storage Tank (IRWST) is a significant design feature introduction in the APR1400, contributing to safety enhancement :
  • Elimination of switch-over operation during Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)
  • Heat-sink for feed & bleed operation
  • Mitigation against severe accidents
    • Heat-sink for rapid Reactor Coolant System (RCS) depressurization
    • Water source for reactor cavity flooding and Ex-Reactor Vessel Cooling (ERVC)
  • Fission product scrubbing
In-containment Refueling Water Storage Tank example images

Compound building

  • Access control building
  • Radwaste treatment building
  • Hot machine shop
  • Primary & secondary sampling laboratory
  • Operational support center
Compound building example images