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For the use of electricity service, select a company which has a valid electric work license first and let it perform indoor wiring work first. Since then, apply for the use of electricity to any of the branch offices of KEPCO with necessary papers.

How to apply

  • by visit, mail or fax (A staff of electric work company can also stand in for customers if they want)
  • by Internet application in the Cyber Branch office of KEPCO.
    (Residential service classification or below the 5kw contract demand)

Required Documents

Required Documents
Less than 5kW
(residential etc)
  • Service start application form (from KEPCO)
  • No documents required : to confirm identification, however, submission of a copy of ID or Building Management Ledger can be requested if necessary
  • In case of application under a lessee, an applicant has to get a owner's signature on the application form of KEPCO and submit a copy of the lease contract
More than 6kW of
contract power
  • Service start application form (II) (from KEPCO)
  • 1. How to apply
    • You can apply by visiting a KEPCO branch office or through the KEPCO Cyber Branch Office or by Call Center (☎123).
    • When applying under a name other than one's own, the customer’s payment of electric charge should be guaranteed.
  • 2. Required documents (more than 6kW of contract power)
    • Electricity Use Application Form (II)
    • Building Register or Land Register
    • Copy of owner's ID card (or Resident Registration), Corporate Seal Registration Certificate(for corporation), or copy of lease contract (when applying under the name of lessee) C28
    • Copy of user’s ID card (or Resident Registration) or Corporate Registration Certificate(for corporation)
    • Copy of business registration certificate (for individual)
    • 31:31 The user’s electric charge payment shall be guaranteed by paying the deposit, if necessary. C29"
    • In case of application under a lessee, an applicant has to get a owner's signature on the application form of KEPCO , submit a copy of the lease contract and be asked to put up deposit security for electric usage if necessary. (Deposit can be pay in cash, in Guarantee Insurance, in Payment guarantee or in joint liability on guarantee )
  • In case KEPCO performs the inspection prior to use, submit the application for inspection prior to use and the single line diagram (indoor wiring drawing) together with the electricity use application three days before the preferred inspection date. A copy of the business registration certificate and the certificate of completion of inspection prior to use should be submitted before using electricity. You may also present a copy of your ID card or business registration certificate of the other place using electricity (when relocating the business). Business registration certificates should be submitted immediately upon issuance, however.
  • Agricultural Well (groundwater): Submit the groundwater development report (certificate) from the mayor or the governor and the land ledger.
  • In case of reapplication after canceling the existing electricity use application, submit a new electricity use application form in case that there is no change.

Construction Cost

For the electricity use application, the standard construction cost is generally applied except in for special cases (note that this is different from the indoor wiring work cost paid to the installers).

Service Start

  • The supply of power to the existing facilities may be completed within 24 hours. In case outside wiring is necessary, we transmit power on the date indicated by the customer. This schedule applies to low voltage customers such as houses, shops, and buildings or factories using contract power of less than 2,000kW.
  • For customers supplied with underground cabling, however, the schedule is decided in consultation with the customer.
  • High capacity buildings or factories may be supplied with electricity upon consultation with KEPCO during the new/extension plan stage