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KEPCO, which is the first energy company in Asia to have succeeded in commercial operation of 765kv, runs 765kv Exhibition Hall to help the general public’s understanding on 765kv transmission and substation.

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765Kv Exhibition Tour
General Information Desk
Image Transmission Tower
Electric Power Flow
Status of Korea Electric Power Systems
Status of World’s Large-Capacity Electric Power Systems
Outline of 765kV transmission and Substation Project
765kV Transmission Facilities
765kV Substation Facilities
Other 765kV Facilities and Operation
Environment-Friendliness of 765kV Project
Electric Power Facilities and EMF
Electricity Q&A
Information Search Coner
Miniature of 765kV Substation
General Information Desk background images

01. General Information Desk

General guidance to the exhibitions and convenience facilities is provided so that viewers may use the Exhibition Hall easily and comfortably. Also guidance boards and information publication on the 765kV Transmission and Substation Project are displayed.
Image Transmission Tower background images

02. Image Transmission Tower

When entering the Exhibition Hall, you can meet the "Image Transmission Tower', a sculpture symbolizing the Exhibition Hall that expresses the state-of-the-art new technologies, environment-friendliness, and future-oriented image of the 765kV Transmission and Substation Project and implicitly conveying the overall exhibition theme.
Electric Power Flow background images

03. Electric Power Flow

The flow chart shows a systemic flow of electricity from a power plant to consumers, and provides concept and basic information on hydro, thermal, nuclear power generation, power transmission, transformation and distribution lines, and substations to understand the 765kV transmission and substation project.
Status of Korea Electric Power Systems background images

04. Status of Korea Electric Power Systems

It gives information on capacity of each facility, current status of power supply, as well as future plans and outlook for a further understanding of power supply and the need of large-scale power transmission facilities.
Status of World’s Large-Capacity Electric Power Systems background images

05. Status of World’s Large-Capacity Electric Power Systems

A glimpse into large-capacity electric power systems and their benefits in advanced countries like the US and Japan allow us to recognize and understand the need for such a large-capacity system in Korea.
Outline of 765kV transmission and Substation Project background images

06. Outline of 765kV transmission and Substation Project

The 765kV transmission and substation project gives an overview of the project’s background, benefits and ongoing projects led by KEPCO.
 765kV Transmission Facilities background images

07. 765kV Transmission Facilities

The various aspects of 765kV transmission facilities employing state-of-the-art technologies from design to construction are exhibited for hands-on experience by visitors
765kV Substation Facilities background images

08. 765kV Substation Facilities

Transformer, one of the major equipment in substation facilities, features of GIS and functions provided by 765kV substation facilities are exhibited in the 20:1 small-scaled model, graphic panel and magic vision system.
 Other 765kV Facilities and Operation background images

09. Other 765kV Facilities and Operation

You can learn about the monitoring and control system that guarantees high level of reliability to 765kV substations, the key large-capacity electric power system, ensures efficient monitoring and control of facilities in metropolitan cities, analyzes performance of facilities and enhances control efficiency, and, in addition, the preventive diagnosis system aimed at preventing unplanned blackout by checking abnormal symptoms.
Environment-Friendliness of 765kV Project background images

10. Environment-Friendliness of 765kV Project

The environmental-friendliness of the 765kV project is everywhere like the latest technologies and construction methods applied to the transmission facilities.
Electric Power Facilities and EMF  background images

11. Electric Power Facilities and EMF

The difference between electromagnetic waves and electric and magnetic field (EMF), EMF measurement in electronic appliances and electric power facilities, international standards on EMF and research results on EMF’s impact are described here
Electricity Q&A background images

12. Electricity Q&A

Basics about electricity and common sense about electrical safety in quiz type offers characteristics of electricity and safe ways of using it.
Information Search Corner background images

13. Information Search Corner

Exhibition hall in the information search corner provide virtually every answer to your questions and access to a wide range of information
Miniature of 765kV Substation background images

14. Miniature of 765kV Substation

Mock simulator facilities of the substation show operation technologies deployed by operators in the substation.

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  1. Entrance
  2. Education Hall
  3. Facilities Exhibition Hall
  4. Outdoor Exhibition Area(steel tower models)
  5. Current facilities
Outdoor exhibition Drawings images
Education Hall (15minutes) images

01. Education Hall (15minutes)

An explanation of the general current status is provided and DVD video is shown on the screen at the Auditorium for each group of visitors. The total area of the Education Hall is 351.23m2 (106.25 pyeong) and the number of seats in the Auditorium is 120. And the hall is often open to the public as a place for seminars or conferences.
Exhibition Hall (30 minutes) images

02. Exhibition Hall (30 minutes)

After watching DVD, visitors move to the Exhibition Hall and view a variety of displayed information and materials.
Education Hall (15minutes) images

03. Outdoor Exhibition and Facilities (40 minutes)

There are 765kV, 345kV, 154kV and 66kV insulators displayed at the Outdoor Exhibition behind the Exhibition Hall so that visitors can measure the sizes of 765kV transmission and substation facilities. There is also a rest space equipped with benches. Then, visitors proceed to look at real equipment and facilities.