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KEPCO’s 765kV transmission and substation provides electric power based on environmentally-friendly electric power facilities and stable electric power.

765kv transmission and substation project and 765kv Exhibition Hall

765kv transmission and substation project leveraging latest IT is about building environmentally-friendly electric power facilities of the future with a huge economic impact that can take global competitiveness of Korea’s electric power industry to a higher level. KEPCO opened 765kV Exhibition Hall as a place for leisure education and to enhance the public’s understanding on electric power and 765kv transmission and substation facilities, which are an integral part of daily living. It also envisions the ideal future society advanced by environmentally-friendly electric power facilities and stable electric power.

Major Benefits of the 765kV Transmission and Substation Project

Transportation capacity increase (comparison of route with two circuits)
345kV- 4,346MW, 765Kv-14,580MW
3.4 times of 345kV
Efficient use of land (comparison for same transportation capacity)
345kV-204pyeong, 765Kv-160pyeong
78% of 345kV
Construction cost saving
345kV- 6450won/kW, 765Kv-480won/kw
74% of 345kV (per kV)
Reduction of transmission loss
345kV- 0.26%, 765Kv-0.05%
20% of 345kV

Environment-friendliness of the 765kV Project

The 765kV Transmission and Substation Project was implemented with the mindset of constructing environment-friendly facilities from the beginning to be in harmony with the natural environment and human life. Route siting was carried out more scientifically and thoroughly using the geographic information system during the beginning construction stage. In order to minimize the environmental impact that might arise during the construction works and operations, most of the construction-related problems affecting the biological environment and the residents’ daily life were solved with best efforts. For example, a private company chosen to act as an agent of the Ministry of Environment conducted every seasonal environment impact assessment on the surroundings of the routes.

Moreover, various environment-friendly new technologies and methods were used. In constructing the transmission facilities, best efforts were made to minimize the damaged forest area by applying the ‘deep foundation method’ and installing temporary work-boards and to achieve harmony with the surrounding environment through pipe-type steel towers and tower painting. In constructing the substation facilities, the outdoor full GIS substation form was applied to enhance safety, reduce equipment installation space, and provide harmony with the surroundings. Besides, the concept of 3D-graphic virtual reality was introduced to realize environmentally optimum designs. Also, state-of-the-art environment-friendly facilities were accomplished by setting up green space, landscape facilities, and greenery zone inside the substations and installing colored water-permeable concrete in the major equipment installation areas.

Environment-friendliness of Facilities

Outdoor full GIS(Gas Insulated Switchgear) images

Outdoor full GIS(Gas Insulated Switchgear)

Establishment of an environment-harmonious substation where the damage of natural landscape was minimized by installing facilities closer and the high stability with no risk of electric shock and fire was secured by using non-flammable materials and putting equipment in airtight metal containers.

3D Graphic Simulation

Realization of an optimum design to make substations to be in harmony with the surrounding environment by using 3D graphic simulation for selectiong and arranging facilities and structures in designing.
3D Graphic Simulation images
Environment-friendly steel tower images

Environment-friendly steel tower

The pipe-type tower uses less tower members to be more acceptable in appearance and environment.

Substation Switch Yard

The Switch Yard, the main equipment installation area of the substation,, is paved with colored water-permeable concrete that has good insulation capacity and water permeability , can keep soil moisture by preventing water evaporation, and gives intimacy in sights.
Substation Switch Yard images
Pier foundation method images

Pier foundation method

The pad and chimney foundation method mainly used for conventional steel toewers required a lot of excavation and caused a large amount of forest damage, but the 765kV steel towers were built by applying and environment-friendly method that was safe and minimized the amount of forest damage by placing narrower foundation deeper into the ground.

Installation of greenery inside substation

Greenery area was assigned inside the substation to promote the soundproof effects.
Installation of greenery inside substation background images