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Smart grid opens a new energy paradigm by incorporating IT to supply and consumption of electric power.

Changes brought about by smart grid

Centralized power generation
Fossil fuel-based power generation
One-way flow of electric power and information
Supplier-driven operation of facilities
Centralized and distributed power generation
Expansion of new·renewable energy
Two-way flow of electric power and information
Operation of facilities engaging consumers(demand side)

Smart Green City

Check out how energy serves mankind in the smart grid-based future city where IT drives supply and consumption of electric power.
  • Multipurpose Building with intelligvent Substation
  • EV Charging Station
  • IGCC Power Plant
  • EV (Elcetric Vehicle)
  • LED Streetlight
  • CCS
  • Superconducting Cable
  • All-electricity Home
  • Ground Copled Heat Pump
  • HVDC
Smart Green City
Elements Description
Multipurpose building
Substation, which is usually under the ground to protect surrounding view or security, is built as an indoor GIS substation and aboveground is developed into a park with trees planted.
Superconducting cable
Superconducting cable uses superconductivity where electric resistance becomes 0 at an extremely low temperature to transmit electric power. Direct current type will be used for underground cable for high-power transmission and high-capacity, long-distance transmission. Alternating current can be synchronized with electric power system and R&D is underway to use it as high-capacity underground transmission mode in large cities.
All electricity home
Smart meter, smart home appliances, storage battery, high-efficiency hot water system, control device, geothermal system, solar power (PV_ panel), and electric vehicles
Ground Coupled Heat Pump
A slight improvement of pump using land as heat source by circulating water via long closed-loop pipe on the ground and heat-air heat pump in winter since seasonal temperature change of ground is smaller than air.
HVDC (High-Voltage, Direct Current)
Power transmission system using DC for electric power transmission. It is less costly and saves electric power loss when it’s long distance.
LED Streetlight
LED power-saving streetlights
EV(Electric Vehicle)
Expanded supply of electric vehicles
CCS(Carbon Capture & Storage)
Carbon capture and storage technology
IGCC Power Plant
Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
EV Charging Station
  • Build nationwide charging infrastructure with seven major hubs
  • Open charging facilities in large supermarkets, department stores and parking lots, etc.