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Smart grid opens a new energy paradigm by incorporating IT to supply and consumption of electric power.


Smart Grid, Smart grid is the energy-saving electric power capable of 
Addressing energy crisis and global warming.
Smart grid hailed as the second electric power revolution!

Smart grid is the electric power network that provides high-quality electric power service and maximizes efficiency of energy use by leveraging electric power and IT to make electric power network more intelligent and sophisticated

Electric power system as it is today sets reserve ratio based on maximum demand and is designed to produce 15% in excess of estimated demand. This requires additional power generation facilities, fuel to produce electric power and wastes a large quantity of electric power, which undermines energy efficiency, and the process of burning coal, oil and gas emits more carbon dioxide.

Smart grid reduces energy waste by boosting energy efficiency, promotes distributed resources based on new/renewable energy, thus lessen energy dependence on overseas, save consumption of fossil fuel fed into existing power generation facilities and reduce emission of greenhouse gas to prevent global warming.

Benefits of Smart Grid

Smart grid optimizes energy efficiency

Smart grid optimizes energy efficiency unlike the existing electric energy consumption, which is inefficient as it is mostly concentrated in summer, winter and during afternoon hours.
  • Nuclear power > coal > Gas > Hydro power > Reserve electric power / Smart grid optimizes energy efficiency images

Smart grid induces voluntary energy saving

02. Smart grid induces voluntary energy saving background images
Differential rating system based on electric power supply and demand conditions under the smart grid environment induces voluntary energy saving as it provides information on amount of electric power consumed and rating to users.

Smart grids saves facility investment cost

03. Smart grids saves facility investment cost background images
Smart grid can save facility investment cost since it will mitigate peak load, which is used as the basis for determining investment into power generation facilities along with reserve electric power.

Smart grid promotes new·renewable and green energy.

The existing electric power network is limited in accommodating new · renewable energy since electric power production from new/renewable energy varies with amount of sunshine and wind power. New · renewable energy will get a boost from smart grid as it creates the link between the two different systems.
  • Irregular electric power network > After smart grid > Stable electric power network

Smart grid builds infrastructure for electric vehicles and electric power network to have environmental and economic benefit.

The government plans to promote electric vehicles and build infrastructure to charge EVs
  • Less CO2 and High economics

Smart grid improves quality and reliability of electric power.

The existing electric power network’s weaknesses such as manual restoration during failure, blackout, or inability to run self-diagnosis can be addressed by smart grid.
  • Smart grid updates data real-time backed by advanced IT and state-of-the-art smart sensor.
  • Smart grid removes system’s risk elements with real-time monitoring and data analysis program.
  • Smart grid optimizes operation of electric power network with intelligent electric power appliances and artificial intelligence operating system.
  • Sensing > Real time Monitoring > Analyze > Forecast Control