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Human Rights Training

In order to promote a culture of respect for human rights, KEPCO conducts online and offline human rights training, covering various topics such as the elimination of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and the prevention of abuses of power and harassment in the workplace. Particularly in 2019, we invited external experts to conduct education on improving corporate human rights sensitivity. Moreover, we are striving to create an environment that facilitates preventive human rights protection through campaigns that promote gender equality and self-inspection of the risks of abuse of power.

Grievance Handling channel and Process

KEPCO operates a grievance consultation and reporting center to respond to cases of human rights infringement, such as sexual harassment, sexual violence, and abuse of power. Reports received through the reporting center are handled in accordance with the relevant procedures, and in the event that the advice of an external expert, such as legal counseling, is required in the course of responding to a case, we provide professional consultation services in partnership with external institutions.

Promoting Comprehensive Measures to Eradicate Abuse of Power and Workplace Harassment

Abuse of power is when a person in a position of seniority improperly uses his or her authority, e.g. unfair requests or treatment, or when a person with higher economic or social status exercises his or her influence. In order to eliminate abuses of power within our society, KEPCO has established comprehensive measures to preclude abuses of power and is striving to spread a culture of mutual trust through continuous activities in the respect.

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