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Declaration of KEPCO's
Human Rights Management

  1. 1.0 Purpose

    As a company leading the domestic and overseas energy industry, KEPCO fulfills its social responsibility by proactively conducting human rights management, embodying dignity and value of mankind, in every aspect of its corporate management. KEPCO also pursues sustainable development with stakeholders.

    For this aim, the company defines duties and responsibilities for respecting the human rights of customers, employees, business partners, and local communities. KEPCO proclaims the following declaration of human rights as the standard of our behavior and value judgement by which all executives and employees comply.

  2. 2.0 Principles of Conduct
    • We respect and support the international standards and norms of human rights such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UN).
    • We prevent infringement of human rights in advance and strive to provide proactive help.
    • We provide an ethical working environment with mutual respect and consideration and do not discriminate people on the grounds of religion, gender, race, education background, region, and disability
    • We do not permit any form of forced labor and child labor in employment.
    • We create safe and sound working conditions and enhance industrial safety and health.
    • We guarantee freedom of collective bargaining and association and pursue joint prosperity based on labor-management trust.
    • We comply with domestic and overseas environment-related laws and regulations and strive to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
    • We put an emphasis on customer value by providing customers with convenient and safe electricity service and protecting personal information collected for business.
    • We respect the human rights of local residents in domestic and overseas business areas and seeks co-development.
    • We treat suppliers and business partners fairly and supports the execution of human rights management with a due diligence and an assessment in our value chain.
  3. 3.0 Our Commitment on Human Rights

    KEPCO pledges to work with a responsible attitude, protecting and respecting the human rights of all our stakeholders wherever we work. We strive to settle and spread human rights management.