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KEPCO contributes to enriching the community and culture by supporting a wide variety of culture projects.

Green afforestation images

Green afforestation

Labor-management’s protection of nature and love for the environment

Caring the environment is part of life for all KEPCO employees. KEPCO Public Service Corp. collects trash and cleans up hiking trails during hiking, and engages other mountain hikers in their activities to keep the nature clean. KEPCO will continuously look for new ways to preserve the environment in daily lives and engage more people into the noble act.

Tree-planting on Arbor Day

KEPCO eagerly preserves green forests to hand down a beautiful natural environment to future generations. All KEPCO employees plant and fertilize trees, and do pruning on every Arbor Day.

Activities to protect environment

KEPCO’S activities to protect the environment is based on the spirits to keep nature in a good condition, in harmony with human living so as to hand down such valuable natural heritage to future generations in one piece.

Activities to keep natural environment clean and restore nature in regions afflicted by disasters

KEPCO volunteered to restore natural environment damaged by oil spill accident in Taean in 2007 and by natural disasters like typhoons as well as encouraged grieving residents affected by such disasters. KEPCO will continue to keep the beautiful Mother Nature safe and healthy by collecting trash in travel sites, parks, purifying pollution in valleys and rivers, recycling waste, preserving cultural and historic sites and protecting endangered species.

Activities to protect environment images