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KEPCO Public Service Corp. was founded in May 2004 under the slogan "light to the world, love to neighbors" for a more organized, systematic and specialized social contribution activities that had previously been performed on an individual or business office basis.

KEPCO Public Service Corp. has been there sharing pain and love with neighbors in the neglected corners of the community, promoting culture, preserving the environment and taking part in disaster relief among other diverse volunteering activities to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

As always, KEPCO Public Service Corp. will lead corporate social responsibilities by sharing and serving for others with genuineness, and lighting up the dark corners of the world.
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  • Head of KEPCO Public Service Corp. (CEO)
  • Deputy Head
  • Secretariat
  • Public Service Corp. in Head Office + Public Service Corp. in business offices


  • Donation
  • Volunteering
  • Physical support

KEPCO’s own programs & Partnership with NGOs


  • Voluntary funding by employees (LOVE FUND)

    CSR fund engaging all employees who deduct 1,000 KRW from their monthly wage.

  • KEPCO’s donation (MATCHING GRANT)

    Company’s contribution and donation matching LOVE FUND donated by staff and employees

Areas of activities

KEPCO Public Service Corp.
Head Office/business office service group
  • Volunteering service by business office
  • Participation in company-wide programs
119 disaster relief service group
  • Disaster relief
  • Medical services
  • Overseas disaster relief activities
Overseas service group
  • Volunteering service by KEPCO overseas offices
  • Volunteers dispatched to strategic areas
  • Volunteering activities linking domestic and overseas