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KEPCO will strive to create a win-win and a sustainable future for all through corporate social responsibilities.

KEPCO has re-established its vision and action framework for social responsibilities in order to perform its social responsibilities as a global energy company. With the new vision and action framework in place, KEPCO laid the strategic foundation to launch social contribution activities that had been performed on a temporary/irregular basis and to earn trust from the public in general. By engaging in social contribution activities in a systematic and sustainable basis, KEPCO will share growth with the needy neighbors and local community and present its CSR activities as the role model.
Corporate Social Responsibilities background images

Vision and framework

Social contribution VISION: "Global leader in social contribution bringing greater happiness to mankind and the community"
Create social jobs Launch quality contribution activities both home and abroad
  • Specialized social contribution

    • Identify a social contribution model reflecting characteristics of the electric power industry
    • Plan professional volunteering activities i.e. legal service, medical service, Mecenat
  • Tailored social contribution

    • Provide intensive support for multicultural households, Korean diaspora, etc.
    • Tailor volunteering activities with talent donation system
  • Value-creating social contribution

    • Support social enterprises to help needy neighbors stand on their feet
    • Maximize synergy by combining job creation and social contribution activities
  • Global social contribution

    • Found overseas volunteering groups to serve overseas
    • Boost KEPCO image by volunteering in electric power-deprived regions