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Development of environmentally-friendly and green technologies

KEPCO is dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly and green technologies across the electric power supply and consumer value chain in order to take leadership in low carbon, green growth by responding to climate change. In this end, KEPCO is developing coal gasification technology, among others, for commercialization under the basic direction of less carbon emissions in development stage, less loss in transportation stage and higher efficiency in the consumption stage. KEPCO heavily invests in advancing environmentally-friendly and green technologies and closely monitors progress rate of core technological advance. KEPCO will strive to commercialize technologies at the earliest date possible to create environmental values and regularly roll technological development strategies to identify and advance new green technologies such as onshore wind power on a sustainable basis.

Higher environmental efficiency

Robust energy saving campaigns are underway at KEPCO with a strong initiative in line with the government’s energy saving measures. KEPCO promotes energy savings on energy diet period in summer and winter to renew employees’ awareness of energy savings and has built the foundation for an efficient and systematic use of energy including keeping the recommended indoor temperature for an eco-life style and energy diagnosis to identify improvement plans and expand use of energy-saving equipment and facilities.
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Environmentally-friendly electric power supply chain

KEPCO and power companies take advantage of the organic cooperative system between power generation and power transmission/distribution to make electric power chain more environmentally-friendly. KEPCO’s initiatives include timely construction of power transmission/distribution facilities required for stable electric power supply, efficient operation of electric power facilities, selection of location for electric power facilities in the most transparent and objective manner possible to make the entire transportation phase more environmentally-friendly, construction of environmentally-friendly facilities that co-exist with the local community, cutting down on power transmission/distribution loss ratio, protection of the ecosystem and EMF control, etc.

Resource recycle and control of hazardous substances

  • Promote resource recycling
    KEPCO proactively responds to domestic/international environmental regulations, reduces waste and prevents environmental pollution as part of resource recycle policy aimed at fulfilling its social responsibilities for environmental preservation.
  • Green procurement
    KEPCO has included a new item promoting procurement of green products in its procurement screening guidelines to make its procurement activities greener.
  • PCB control
    KEPCO quickly treats waste transformers piled up to fully eliminate PCBs (Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls) and control PCBs on a stable and safe manner. KEPCO will perform thorough PCB safety control from transformer deconstruction to storage, analysis, treatment and sales, and will treat PCBs in the safe and economic manner possible by exploring new technologies and construction methods.
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