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KEPCO will build on environment management with environmentally-friendly action plans.

KEPCO is introducing environmentally-friendly supply chain across the electric power industry as part of its efforts to cut down greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate change.
Environment Management Action Plans
Action strategy Detailed action strategy Action plan
Bolster an integrated environment management framework
Strengthen environment management organization and develop mindset on environment management
  • Strengthen organization responsible for environment management
  • Establish and implement environment management training plan
Introduce environment management programs
  • Acquire and retain ISO14001
  • Introduce and establish environmental performance evaluation system
  • Introduce and establish environmental accounting system
  • Bolster green procurement system
  • Introduce and establish eco-efficiency method
  • Acquire EDP (Environmental Declaration of Products) certificate
  • Build environment data management system
Expand integrated environment management of Group companies
  • Develop foundation for integrated environment management
  • Manage environment management performance on an integrated basis
Build capabilities to respond to environmental risk
Reduce the impact of business activities on the environment
  • Reduce consumption of in-house water and energy
  • Reduce transportation’s impact on the environment
Minimize waste
  • Reduce amount of waste
Minimize risk of hazardous substances
  • Properly treat PCBs
  • Set up system for contingency response
Introduce green facilities
  • Expand green land
  • Build equipment underground and indoors
  • Expand and apply environmentally-green construction processes
Deepen external partnership
Secure leadership for environment management
  • Develop leadership for environment management
  • Join domestic/international organizations related to environment management
  • Provide more educational opportunities on environment management for the general public
Expand ecosystem preservation programs
  • Improve environmental protection activities
Expand environmentally-friendly communication
  • Disclose more environment information internally and externally
  • Bolster environmentally-friendly IR
Minimize complaints on environmental issues
  • Efficiently respond to complaints on environmental issues and legal violation
Proactively respond to climate change
Advance capabilities to respond to climate change
  • Explore joint response by KEPCO Group companies
  • Expand new/renewable energy generation
  • Create opportunities to generate profits from climate change issues
Cut down direct emissions of greenhouse gas
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce SF6 emissions
Cut down indirect emissions of greenhouse gas
  • Control electric power demand under a concrete framework
  • Cut power transmission/distribution loss ratio