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KEPCO delivers promise for a brighter future and cleaner environment

New projects and business site maintenance

At the beginning of any domestic or overseas project, KEPCO establishes a systematic environmental management plan for all stages of the project, from start to completion. This involves preparing a checklist of environmental impact factors, including the management of waste, noise and vibrations, dust, and water and soil management, and ensuring that these are responded to in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Waste must be properly disposed of, noise and vibrations are measured and dampened wherever possible, and the scattering of dust is minimized through management of soil erosion. We respond to water-related environmental risks through the installation of wastewater and sewage treatment facilities, and management of groundwater wells. Environmental issues receive priority consideration on any project, and periodic training and monitoring is conducted to check for compliance with regulations.
Contractors are also required to review and approve environmental management plans (environmental ethics pledge) before beginning construction work. KEPCO assesses compliance in this regard and takes corrective measures if necessary.