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KEPCO delivers promise for a brighter future and cleaner environment

KEPCO’s environment management is one of the frameworks designed to boost its image as a sustainable global energy group that fulfills its social responsibilities for environmental preservation by implementing environmentally-friendly management across its operation from production to transportation and sales, and secures mutual trust with stakeholders.

Progress of environment management and future plan

In 2005, KEPCO declared its environment management roadmap to tackle environmental issues in the electric power industry in the president’s policy statement envisioning a global energy company. As a follow-up, KEPCO developed environmental guidelines to support its framework for an integrated environment management in the sustainability management report and has been setting objectives as well as conducting a comprehensive action plan for environment management issues since 2006.

Environmental Policy

As a global corporate citizen, KEPCO strives to fulfill its responsibilities in environmental management. To this end, we have established a comprehensive environmental framework to respond to pressing environmental issues and, together with our stakeholders, pursue green growth for a brighter and cleaner future. We have therefore implemented environmental safety standards that meet or exceed that required by applicable local laws, and are disclosing our environmental performance in a fair and transparent manner. Our vision is to become a global energy group, and one of the top five eco-friendly energy utility companies in the world.

Action Strategies

As part of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate change, we have identified four action strategies to tackle environmental issues in the electric power industry and beyond. Each strategy consists of several specific focus areas and related action plans that include OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, and PSM review criteria, thus meeting both domestic and global standards. Through these action plans, we endeavor to consistently improve and proactively implement our environmental management system within all our domestic and overseas business sites.


KEPCO aims to enhance its environment management capabilities to global top five in energy utility until 2020 by maximizing environmental values generated from environment management.
Vision "Global energy group" with initiatives on creating environmental values
Goal ECO Global Top5
Action strategies
  • Strengthen integrated environment management system
    Reinforce environment management organization and develop mindset on environment management
    Introduce environment management program
    Expand integrated management with KEPCO Group companies
  • Build capabilities to respond to environmental risk
    Mitigate environmental impact from business activities
    Minimize waste
    Minimize risk of hazardous substances
    Use eco-friendly equipment
  • Tighten external partnership
    Nurture leadership on environment management
    Expand program for preserving ecosystem
    Broaden eco-friendly communication
    Minimize complaints on environmental issues
  • Proactively respond to climate change
    Improve capabilities to respond to climate change
    Reduce direct emissions of greenhouse gas
    Reduce indirect emission of greenhouse gas
Action plan
  • Three areas11 action plans
  • Four areas8 action plans
  • Four areas7 action plans
  • Three areas7 action plans