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KEPCO has pushed forward "ethical management system" since April 2003 to establish ethical management as an integral part of KEPCO’s business activities in a systematic and an efficient manner. KEPCO’s ethical management tailored to its business conditions is based on "elements of ethics and compliance program" by US Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations and "Business Conduct Management System Guidelines Standard" by Ethics Officer Association (EOA).
Ethical management system
Establish execution strategy by phase
  • Link KEPCO vision · strategy to ethical management
  • Show top management’s commitment to ethical management
Ethical management Ethics guide
Ethical management organization
  • Violation reporting
  • Evaluation and compensation
  • Training programs
KEPCO’s ethical management system is founded on a phased execution strategy whereby the company’s direction is set by linking the company’s vision/strategy with ethical management combined with top management’s strong commitment to ethical management to ensure that it is pursued in a more strategic manner. Ethical standards and guidelines serve as the basis for principles staff and employees shall observe in their daily conduct and an organization dedicated to ethical management oversees supervision, training of ethical management, reporting of violation in which violators are subject to a stringent discipline. Furthermore, evaluation and compensation on all efforts and initiatives of ethical management as a feedback are designed to improve KEPCO’s ethical management on a sustainable basis. These are all part of KEPCO’s efforts to establish world-class ethical guidelines in preparation for standardized global ethical management system in the future.