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Classification of Stakeholders

KEPCO continues to communicate about the implementation of sustainable development and growth with key stakeholders such as the public, customers, investors, partner companies, local communities, and employees, etc. To this end, we have reorganized the stakeholder classfication system in consideration of the characteristics and current issues of the electric power industry. In addition, various communication channels are operated in accordance with the major interests of each stakeholder. KEPCO will continue to strengthen exchanges with stakeholders to provide correct information about the company and to reflect stakeholders' opinions in major policy decisions.

Communicating with Stakeholders

KEPCO systematically establishes and operates various communication channels to enhance stakeholder participation. Major opinions of stakeholders identified through communication channels are shared with the management and the Board of Directors, reinforcing linkage with management activities. Also, consistent monitoring and feedback on activities are conducted. In addition, during the publication of the sustainability report, a stakeholder survey was conducted to identify issues of interest in sustainability management, and KEPCO has faithfully applied the issues on the report.
table about stakeholders / Interests of stakeholders / Direction of Communication / Communication Channels
Stakeholders Interests of stakeholders Direction
of Communication
The Public & Customers
Strengthening Public Nature of Electricity Providing accurate information Transparent communications
Securing public nature by strengthening public participation and cooperation Enhancing the quality of electricity service by collecting public opinions Enhancing momentum by collecting public opinions on major innovation tasks
Crowd sourcing Innovation Idea Competition Online Public Communication Panel Cyber Branch
Resolving power facility construction conflicts and enhancing local resident acceptance
Conflict Management Committee Homepage and social media Social Value Committee

Shareholders & Investors
Continuously growing corporate values Increasing investors value Critical issues related to sustainability management
Reinforcing countermeasures from the perspective of ESG, such as responding to climate crisis Providing preemptive information reflecting investors' requirements Practical and potential risk management
IR presentation General shareholders' meeting Disclosure

Government, National assembly & Press
Fairness and validity of management Enhancing operational efficiency
Taking the lead in implementing government policy and enhancing comprehension of the power industry
Briefing session, business report, meeting of heads of organizations Policy forum, etc
Improving management transparency and providing information transparently PR promotion for customer service
Press conference, planning report, contribution State administration audit

Customer center & Meter reader
Rational conversion to regular workers Improvement of working environment and welfare
Strengthening cooperation for improvement of working conditions and customer service innovation Securing transparency and fairness in the conversion process into regular workers
Labor-Management-Expert consultation body Working-level meetings, etc

Partner company
Fair partnership Shared growth Protection of partner companies' rights and interests, and strengthening competitiveness
Creating win-win development relationships by resolving difficulties with suppliers Improvement of unfair transaction factors, such as collusion Collection of opinions on the revision of contract rules
Discussion and public hearings, proactive VOCs Voice of SRM customers

Employees & Labor union
Activating collaboration Enhancing mutual understanding Improvement of management performance Improvement of corporate culture
Creating excellent management performance through sharing vision and promoting collaboration Expansion of on-site communication for management-related issues
Company-wide debate Meeting to share various issues
Realization of a win-win labor-management culture Enhancement of collaborative corporate culture between labor and management Creation of a family-friendly corporate culture
Corporate culture portal, family-friendly portal Corporate Culture Workshop Labor-management meetings

Subsidiary &Invested company
Joint development with KEPCO group companies Enhancement of management efficiency of KEPCO group companies
Joint response to current issues of KEPCO group companies Joint promotion of management efficiency improvement tasks
Meeting of the presidents of KEPCO group companies Meeting of the heads of the planning divisions of KEPCO group companies
Preparing cooperation measures to reduce greenhouse gas and fine dust emissions
Working group of hands-on workers, etc

Local community
Enhancing vitality of innovation City Establishing cooperative governance
Promoting win-win development with local communities Participating in efforts to resolve local community issues Recruitment of local talent and creation of decent jobs
Innovation City Development Social innovation platform