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KEPCO declares and pledges the doctrine of sustainability management.

As the leading company in the electric power industry, all staff and employees of KEPCO resolve to fulfill social responsibilities to contribute to sustainable development of the country, community and the entire humankind and to act on sustainability management on economic, environmental, social and human aspects to grow and develop into a global electric power company together with customers on a sustainable basis.
  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Society
  • Human

Economy, Sustainable growth

  • We will secure competitive edge and future engine growth in the global market based on challenging, creative and future-oriented thinking, and maintain a healthy financial structure to enhance corporate value.
  • We will innovate our way of doing business to enhance business efficiency to world-class level.
  • We will dominate core technologies in electric power sector through constant technological innovation and advance global electric power technologies.

Environment, Environmental value

  • We will commit to environmental management in a systematic way to maximize environmental efficiency and strictly control demand to ensure a more efficient energy use.
  • We will strive to make the entire electric power supply chain from power generation to transportation and sales more eco-friendly.
  • We will actively respond to climate change issues jointly with KEPCO Group companies to preserve the earth and leave a higher environmental value to future generations.

Society, Trust

  • We will commit to work in a fair manner based on moral and ethical values, and faithfully disclose them for greater transparency.
  • We will realize win-win business with customers, partners, KEPCO Group companies, the country, community, shareholders, staff and employees and all stakeholders in pursuit of shared growth.
  • We will engage all staff and employees in sharing with others to fulfill our social responsibilities and earn trust from the general public.

Human, Respect for humans

  • We will support and respect internationally recognized standards on human rights, such as "Universal Declaration of Human Right", "UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Right : Ruggie Framework".
  • We will continuously raise quality of life of all staff and employees by pursuing future-oriented labor-management relations, boosting health and safety at work and providing better welfare benefits.
  • We will recruit and retain future-oriented employees and develop global talents to better respond to industrial issues and changes in the future.


Independence and Diversity Policy of KEPCO’s Board

Stakeholder Engagement Policy