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" We take the lead in the new energy ecosystem
through change and innovation and
fulfill our social responsibilities as a public company,
all in our efforts to grow together with our stakeholders."
Dear esteemed stakeholders,
For more than a century, KEPCO has been supporting industrial development in Korea by providing a highly efficient, high-quality electricity supply. In preparation for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the new climate regime, we have been focusing on building a new energy ecosystem by expanding our business to include new energy industries and eco-friendly energy. We will continue to faithfully fulfill our social responsibilities as a public company, and put more efforts into stable demand and supply of electricity as well as the nation’s economic development.
We will grow into an energy platform business, and thus lead the new convergence industry.
An ‘era of singularity,’ in which technology goes beyond human beings, is drawing near. As everything connects and converges, boundaries across industries such as finance, telecommunications, and automobiles, are rapidly collapsing. That is why 2017 will be the first year of our evolution into ‘Digital KEPCO,’ as we launch our innovation to develop into an ‘energy platform’ provider, leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This strong platform will enable us to more conveniently and quickly provide electric power services such as the smart grid, the micro grid, electric vehicle charging, and the Internet of Things (IoT), which in turn will help to improve peoples’ lives.
We will supply electricity in a more efficient and safer way through large-scale energy conversion.
The Paris Agreement has put greater emphasis on countries’ responsibilities regarding climate change and reducing emissions of CO2. In Korea in particular, citizens are showing greater interest in health and the environment, especially with the annual inundation of fine dust every spring. The Korean government is now changing the country’s power mix, which was heavily dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear power, more towards eco-friendly renewable sources, including wind and solar power. KEPCO will therefore develop technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and fine dust, while maximizing energy efficiency.
We will achieve win-win development by making the Energy Valley a success.
We aim to attract 500 energy-related companies to Bitgaram Innovation City, create 30,000 jobs, and secure 105 key strategic technologies by 2020. We relocated our headquarters to Naju at the end of 2014, and by September 2017 we had successfully attracted 237 companies to the Energy Valley. In addition, we are supporting youth employment, having created approximately 6,800 jobs through our youth internships and the Employment Stepping-stone Program. We are hoping to create a virtuous cycle through which people, companies, and the local economy grow in partnership, and develop Bitgaram Innovation City into a world-renowned energy hub.
We will earn trust by stabilizing our power generation facilities and through service innovation.
We will optimize our transmission and distribution facilities to ensure a stable electricity supply throughout the nation. We also regularly inspect our disaster response systems in readiness for natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. In addition, we will build an ICT infrastructure and develop technologies to block threats from cyber attacks, which has the potential to cause severe chaos. Moreover, we will think from the perspective of our customers – citizens and companies – and listen to their opinions with an open mind. We have fully reformed our progressive electricity billing system for households after 40 years, and any other systems that need to be modified will be improved in a reasonable and fair manner.

We will continue to communicate closely with all our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, and shareholders. I ask for your continued interest and support.

Thank you.
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