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Being Selected by CDP as an Outstanding Company in Responding to Climate Change for Four Consecutive Years

KEPCO was listed in the 'Carbon Management Sector Honors' in the energy & utility sector for the fifth consecutive year at '2020 CDP Korea Climate Change Awards' in April 2021. By doing this, KEPCO proved its status as an outstanding company in carbon management.

The Issuance of Global Green Bonds and Korean Won-Denominated ESG Bonds for Four consecutive Years

In June 2022, KEPCO became the first Korean company to issue USD 1.6 billion worth of green bonds as a total for four consecutive years. Funds raised through these green bonds will be used for investment in the domestic and overseas new and renewable business.

Energy Valley Agreement Concluded with More than 550 Companies

KEPCO has been working with local governments to promote the energy valley project to create a growth pole for the future energy industry by attracting companies and research institutes in the energy sector. As of the end of 2021, the number of companies that KEPCO has attracted for investment in the energy valley is a total of 556.

Launched the Social Value Committee

KEPCO launched 'Social Value Committee' in 2019 and established 'Social Value Comprehensive Plan' consisting of five core values and twenty strategic tasks to realize social values at all stages of the value chain.

Established the Ethics & Compliance Committee

With the aim to strengthen the driving force for ethical and law-abiding management, KEPCO newly established the Ethics & Compliance Committee chaired by the CEO and will meet the demand for improving transparency and fairness from external stakeholders.

Being Selected as the Best Organization for Self-Audit Evaluation by the Board of Audit and Inspection

KEPCO was selected as the best organization among the 624 public organizations in recognition of its achievements in the self-audit activity at the '2019 Self-Audit Awards Ceremony' conducted by the Korea Board of Audit and Inspection.