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Activities of the Board of Directors - Year, Meetings, Agenda, Attendance Rate
Name Roles Composition
Audit committee
- Conduct audit on work and accounting
- Approve the appointment of independent auditor
3 Non-Executive Directors
Director Nomination Committee
- Decide the nomination process
- Review and recommend the candidates
Non-Executive directors
and members appointed
by the BoD
ESG Committee
- Resolve major management issues related to
Environment, Social and Governance(“ESG”)
3 Non-Executive Directors
  • Under the Act on the Management of Public Institutions, the Korean Commercial Code and the amended Articles of Incorporation, we are required to maintain and audit committee consisting of three members, of which not less than two members are required to be the non-standing directorts(All are Non-Executive Directors).
  • The roles and responsibilities of our audit committee members are to perform the functions of an audit committee meeting the requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Our audit committee was established on December 8, 2008.
  • Our audit committee currently consist of a standing director, and two non-standing directors(All are Non-Executive Directors). All such members of the audit committee are independent whithin the meaning of the Korean Stock Exchange listing standards, the regulations promulgated under the Korean Commercial Code and the NewYork Stock Exchange listing standards.
  • We established and Environmental, Social and Governance(“ESG”) Committee in our Board of Directors to reinforce ESG-based management system and to ensure continuous performance in this area. Our ESG Committee is charged with resolving major management issues related to ESG, establishing ESG management strategies and business plans and checking on the overall direction of sustainable management.

Details of the Audit Committee meetings held
from January to December 2021

Details of the Director Nomination Committee meetings held from January to December 2021