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Exporting Korean Nuclear Power Plant to the UAE

Korea joined the ranks of nuclear exporters around the world in 2009, with its first international project building four units of nuclear power plants in the UAE after forty years of accumulating nuclear experience in Korea. At present, the Barakah project is the only project in the world to simultaneously construct four units of NPPs at once. Among the four units, the first unit has completed fuel loading in March 2020 and is in the last stages of commissioning.

Global recognition of APR1400

APR1400 is Korea's leading export model nuclear power plant. The safety and technological prowess of the Korean reactor have been recognized in both Europe and the United States through the acquisition of design certification both from the European Utility Requirements (EUR) in October 2017, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in August 2019. No other reactors have been certified by both EUR and USNRC before. The first APR1400 technology was adopted to Shin-Kori Units 3 and 4 which were completed in December 2016 (unit 3), and August 2019 (unit 4). In addition, Shin-Hanul Units 1 and 2 is planned to be completed in 2020 and 2021, and Shin-Kori Units 5 and 6 in 2023 and 2024, respectively. In the UAE, where KEPCO is building its first nuclear power plant in the Middle East, has four same APR1400 nuclear power plant models.
Construction of Smart City in Dubai[Construction of Smart City in Dubai]

UAEBarakah Nuclear Energy Plant Project

발전시설 운용 (18,716MW)
2009. 12. 27
ENEC(Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation)
Scope of
APR1400 X 4 Units (5,600MW)
+ Nuclear Fuel (initial core + 2 reloads) + Operation Support
BOC(ENEC 82%, KEPCO 18%)
NEC(ENEC 82%, KEPCO 18%)

Footprint of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant Project

2009~2012년도 ㆍ사업착수 ㆍ기초굴착 ㆍ1호기 최초콘트리트 타설  2013~2014년 ㆍ2호기 최초 콘크리트 타설 ㆍ1호기 원자로 설치 ㆍ3호기 최초 콘크리트 타설 2015년 ㆍ1호기 전원기압 ㆍ2호기 원자로설치 ㆍ4호기 최초 콘크리트 타설 2016년 ㆍ1호기 상온수압 시험착수 ㆍ1호기 고온기능 시험착수 ㆍ3호기 원자로 설치 2017년 ㆍ1호기건설역무 종결 ㆍ1호기 최초연료반입 ㆍ2호기 상온수압시험 착수 ㆍ4호기 원자로 설치 2018년 ㆍ3~4호기 초기 전원 기압 ㆍ2호기 고온기능 시험 착수 2019년 2호기 CRFL ㆍ3호기 고온기능시험 착수 2020년 ㆍ1호기 연료장전