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KEPCO is there to create high added value for all as the stable
supplier of electric power and customer-oriented services.


Full-scale advance into newly emerging markets in foreign countries

As the 4th industrial revolution is coming up with transition of global energy paradigm, KEPCO is focusing on taking initiatives in newly emerging markets where future energy is applied and combined with ICT-based convergence technologies such as SG (Smart Grid), MG (Micro Grid), Geographical Information System and/or ESS.
Construction of Smart City in Dubai[Construction of Smart City in Dubai]
Microgrid project in Canada[Microgrid project in Canada]
Among the energy projects won in 2015, KEPCO has promoted Canada’s Micro Grid(MG) pilot project, which secured the first MG operation performance in North America, followed by Ecuador’s Galapagos MG construction project in 2018 and Honduras Guanaja island MG construction project in 2021.

In 2017, KEPCO has reviewed the possibility of demonstration and expansion of new energy industries(AMI, DAS, GIS etc) through the FS for development of the new distribution business model in Dominican Republic, and has expanded its business to various regions through GIS building project in four cities including Chittagong, Bangladesh in 2018, and the FS study project for smart energy infrastructure business model in Indonesia in 2020.

In addition, to cope with climate change and carbon-neutral agendas, KEPCO has entered overseas CDM(Clean development mechanism) projects, and has conducted Cookstove CDM projects in Myanmar in 2018, drinking water facility CDM projects in Bangladesh in 2020. and plan to obtain Certified emission reductions for domestic use.

KEPCO will promote convergence businesses in potential markets, diversify overseas business portfolio by developing business models that are highly profitable and customizable, and eventually lead global markets as a first mover in new energy industry.

Major Projects

  • [2015]

    MG pilot project in Canada

    GIS DB building project in Nigeria

    Smart City project in Dubai

    Smart Substation EPC project in Bhutan

    Smart distribution EPC project in Dominican Republic

  • [2016]

    Independent MG contruction feasibility study
    and field demonstrion project in Peru

    Eco-friendly energy town F/S in Mongolia

    Eco-friendly energy town F/S in Ethiopia

  • [2017]

    Eco-friendly MG project in Ethiopia

    Distribution new business model development F/S in Dominican

  • [2018]

    GIS building projects in 4 cities including Chittagong, Bangladesh

    AMI construction project in Sri Lanka

    MG construction project in Ecuador Galapagos

    Smart Power Demand Management project in Tanzania

    K-BEMS building project in Barbados

    Cook stove CDM projcect in Myanmar

  • [2019]

    MG and Charging station building in Cambodia

    Building an energy independent village in Myanmar

  • [2020]

    Drinking water facility CDM project in Bangladesh

    Development of a smart energy infrastructure
    Pre-F/S business model in Indonesia

    Development of a smart energy infrastructure F/S business model
    in Indonesia

    ESS construction for frequency adjustment
    detailed planning support project in Tanzania

  • [2021]

    MG construction project in Honduras Guanaja island