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KEPCO is there to create high added value for all as the stable
supplier of electric power and customer-oriented services.

As a large-scale IPP (Independent Power Producer), KEPCO is strengthening its position in the power plant market in Asia and the Middle East, and now actively advancing into markets in the Central & South America and Africa.
In the Philippines where KEPCO has started its first overseas business for the ROMM (Rehabilitation, Operation, Maintenance & Management) of Malaya heavy oil-fired power plant (650 MW), KEPCO is now earning stable profits from efficient operation of Ilijan combined-cycle power plant (1,200 MW) and Cebu circulating fluidized bed (CFB) coal-fired power plant (200 MW).
Ilijan power plant, the Philippines[Ilijan power plant, the Philippines]
Cebu power plant, the Philippines[Cebu power plant, the Philippines]
In the Middle East, KEPCO is actively expanding its business into Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan. Rabigh heavy oil-fired power plant of Saudi Arabia was opened in 2014 and it is now capable of generating 1,204 MW equivalent of one nuclear power plant and it is covering enough a city of 1.2 million people. Shuweihat S3 power plant of UAE is a gas-fired, combined cycle power plant capable of generating 1,600 MW. In Jordan, KEPCO is currently operating two power plants, Al Qatrana power plant capable of generating 373 MW and Amman IPP3 power plant capable of 573 MW. Once Fujeij wind power plant begins its operation this year, KEPCO will become an IPP responsible for 24% of entire power generation (4,300 MW) of Jordan.
Rabigh power plant, Saudi Arabia[Rabigh power plant, Saudi Arabia]
Shuweihat S3 power plant, UAE[Shuweihat S3 power plant, UAE]
Al Qatrana power plant, Jordan[Al Qatrana power plant, Jordan]
Norte II power plant, Mexico[Norte II power plant, Mexico]
In 2010, KEPCO won a bid for the construction and operation of Norte II gas-fired, combined cycle power plant in Mexico (433 MW) and won another bid for the construction and operation of Thabametsi coal-fired power plant (630 MW) in South Africa in 2016. In 2017, KEPCO signed on a Joint Development Agreement for Pulau Indah gas-fired, combined cycle power plant (1,200 MW) in Malaysia and it will facilitate the growth in the IPP markets of the Central & South America and Asia leading to more follow-up business opportunities in the market.

Major Projects

  • [1995]

    Malaya ROMM project in the Philippines(650MW)

  • [1996]

    Ilijan power plant construction & operation poroject
    in the Phillippines(612MW)

  • [2004]

    SPC Joint venture project in the Phillipines(350MW)

  • [2007]

    Joint venture project in Shanxi, China

  • [2008]

    Winning the bid of Al Qatrana gas-combined power project
    in Jordan(373MW)

    Winning the bid of Cebu coal-fired project(200MW)

  • [2009]

    Winning the bid of Rabigh power project
    in Saudi Arabia(1,204MW)

  • [2010]

    Winning the bid of Norte II gas-combined power project
    in Mexico(433MW)

    Winning the bid of ShuweihatS3 gas-combined power project
    in UAE(1,600MW)

  • [2011]

    Winning the bid of Amman Diesel power project
    in Jordan(573MW)

  • [2013]

    Winning the bid of Nghison II project in Vietnam(1,200MW)

    Egbin power plant’s acquisition & O&M project in Nigeria(1,320MW)

  • [2016]

    Winning the bid of Thabametsi coal-fired project
    in South Africa(630MW)

  • [2017]

    Pulau Indah gas-fired, combined cycle power plant
    in Malaysia (1,200 MW)