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KEPCO is there to create high added value for all as the stable
supplier of electric power and customer-oriented services.


Overseas Businesses
48 Projects in 28 Countries
(As of September, 2019)

  • Nuclear
    1 Project
  • Thermal
    14 Projects
  • Renewable
    8 Projects
  • T&D/New
    24 Projects
  • Resource
    1 Projects
Overseas Branches : Europe / North America / China / Japan / South East Asia / Africa / Middle East / Iran
Generation :
USA - Colorado(Solar, 30MW) / Guam(Solar, 60MW) / California(Solar, 235MW)
Mexico-Norte II(Gas 433MW)
China - Shanxi(Coal 9,135MW) / Wind & Solar Farm (1,024MW) - Neimenggu(740.5MW), Gansu(99MW), Liaoning(Wind, 177.5MW), Liaoning(Solar, 7MW)
Japan - Chitose(28MW)
Vietnam - Nahi Son II(Coal 1,200MW)
Philippines - Ilijan(Gas 1,200MW) / Cebu(Coal 200MW) / SPC(Gas/Diesel 277MW)
South Africa - Thabametsi(Coal 630MW)
Malaysia - Plau Indah(Gas 1,200MW)
Nigeria - Egbin(O&M)
South Africa - Thabametsi(Coal, 630MW)
Saudi Arabia - Rabigh(Oil 1,204MW)
Jordan - Al Qatrana(Gas 373MW) / Amman(Diesel 573MW) / Fujeij(Wind 89MW)
UAE - Barakah(Nuclear 5,600MW) / Shuwehat S3(Gas 1,600MW)
Resource Development : Australia - Bylong(Coal)

Power generation facilities
27,636MW (in regard to equities 8,917MW)

  • Thermal20,226MW
  • Nuclear5,600MW
  • Renewable1,810MW
Since 1995, starting from a thermal power plant project in Malaya, the Philippines, KEPCO has been performing 48 overseas projects in 28 countries in Asia, the Middle East, the Central & South America, North America, Africa and Oceania covering from thermal, nuclear, renewable power plant to energy transmission & distribution and resource development. (As of September, 2019)
  • Sales of the overseas businesses
    Domestic sales
    Total 60.2 trillion wonOverseas 5.1 trillion won
  • Net profit of the overseas businesses
    • Sales of the overseas businesses in 2016:5.1 trillion won
    • Net profit of the overseas businesses in 2016 : 467 billion won
  • Installed capacity
  • Annual sales
    93billion won
  • No. of Staff members
  • Business areas
    1 project in 1 nation
  • 18 times increase in the installed capacity and 548 times increase in sales compared to 1995
  • Installed capacity
  • Annual sales
    5.1 trillion won
    548 times
  • No. of Staff members
    625 members
    31 times
  • Business areas
    36 projects in 24 nations
Since the start of its overseas businesses in 1995, KEPCO has made great strides in them by increasing their installed capacity by 19 times and annual sales by 548 times.

KEPCO’s global status

The Forbes Global 200097th
Forbes’ top 2000 companiesSales / Net profit / Assets / Market value
Fortune 500172th
Fortune’s top 500 companiesSales
※ ( ) is the ranking of the power utilities
Beyond the Top, Leading KEPCO
2017A pioneer in the overseas business
  • Expanding businesses by using base nations including the Philippines, Mexico & UAE
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of winning bids of thermal & nuclear projects
  • Expanding businesses into the new & renewable energy sector
45 projects in
Overseas sales
4trillion won
2020Total Energy Solution
  • Increasing exports of the new energy business
  • Securing the competitiveness of the whole areas in the power industry
  • ESS
  • SG
  • EV charging
  • HVDC
  • Clean thermal
  • Renewable
69 projects in
Overseas sales
8trillion won
2025~KEPCO Global Energy Belt
  • Advancing into the whole continents including Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe & Africa
  • Responding to the climate change, providing Total Energy Services
  • Preoccupying & leading the global new energy business market
100 projects in
Overseas sales
27trillion won
Not only does KEPCO engage in construction & operation of thermal and nuclear power plants, which is a cash cow to the existing overseas businesses, but it also wants to proactively respond to the long-term mega-trend, a remarkable change of the global energy ecosystem, which is shifting toward the new energy businesses and new & renewable energy.

KEPCO is making utmost efforts to build a "KEPCO Global Energy Belt" providing Total Energy Solution Services to the world by leading the 4th industrial revolution through identifying new energy convergence business models and preoccupying new energy business markets in the world.