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Backed by outside-the-box thinking and a commitment to driving convergence, KEPCO is creating new value and preparing to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We seek to maximize energy efficiency via the convergence of power generation/transport/ consumption and ICT. As a Smart Energy Creator, we constantly challenge ourselves to create cleaner and more convenient energy sources.
10 Key
Creative & innovative Tech
Efficient &
Smart Tech

01 Clean coal technology (ultra-supercriticaL COi/oxyfuel power plant)

An eco-friendly integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant that deploys ultra-supercritical CO₂/O₂ (instead of high-pressure, high-temperature steam) to generate power

02 Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology

Technology that uses amines or solid absorbents to capture/ conden$e/$tore/u$e carbon dioxide emitted before/after fo$$iL fuel combustion

03 Offshore wind power generation

Supply of power through economically feasible development and stable system interconnection of offshore wind power energy

04 High voltage direct current transmission system (HVDC)

Technology that uses high voltage direct current for Long-distance, bulk transmission of electrical power; the system is mostly used to transfer power from renewable

05 New power equipment materials

Smart concrete that can sense of crack and recover itself graphene-based materials for high-efficiency energy conversion/storage systems; solar cells with enhanced optical absorption

06 Superconducting technology

Large-capacity, high-efficiency and eco-friendly superconducting power transmission Lines/ substations, aimed at overcoming the limitations of existing power grids ahead of future changes in the power industry

07 Smart grid

Next-generation power grids that achieve optimal energy efficiency through integration of ICT into existing power grids

08 Microgrid

A localized grouping of distributed energy resources for on-site power generation, storage and consumption

09 Energy storage system (ESS)

A technology for efficient peak Load management and stable power generation from new & renewable energy sources

10 ICT convergence/integration

Convergence between power (power generation, T&D, sales, and consumption] and ICT (loT, Big Data, and information security) to build new growth businesses