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Nuclear power is an eco-friendly and economic energy source required for green growth with around 450 nuclear power units. Korea is a nuclear power stronghold with a capacity of 23,116MW, which is the sixth largest in the world. Korea is operating 25 nuclear power units as of 2016 with five under construction. Korea plans to build additionally four nuclear power plants by 2027. Plants under construction guarantee world-class safety capable of withstanding a 7.0 earthquake in Richter scale. KEPCO’s world-class operational capability is demonstrated by only 0.13 interruption/unit/year and 85.3% in throughput, as of 2015, as well as its world-class competitive edge in nuclear power plant construction skills. KEPCO and its group companies armed with rich operational know-how and technological strength have put overseas nuclear power plant business as the key business agenda to create profits in the years ahead.

Status of KEPCO’s Nuclear Power in KOREA

Status of KEPCO’s Nuclear Power in KOREA
In Operation Under Construction Planning
25Units (23,116MW)
5Units (7,000MW)
4Units (5,800MW)
  • Ulchin 8 units
    In Operation 6, Under Operation 2
  • Wolsong 6 units
    In Operation 6
  • Kori 8 units
    In Operation 7, Under Operation 3
  • Yonggwang 6 units
    In Operation 6

UAE Nuclear Power Plants Projects

Project Overview
Signed Prime Contract
Dec. 27, 2009
5,600MW (APR1400×4)
Ref. Plant
Shin-Kori Units 3&4
Completion Target Date
May, 2017
UAE Nuclear Power Plants Projects image

KEPCO’s Performance

Nuclear Capacity factor (Unit : %)
  • 2007 - 90
  • 2008 - 93.4(max)
  • 2009 - 91.7
  • 2010 - 91.2
  • 2011 - 90.7
Sales of Overseas Nuclear Power Project (Unit : 100 million)
  • 2010 - 6,014
  • 2011 - 11,674

Competitiveness of KEPCO

  • World’s Best Operational Performance
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Optimized Construction Period
  • Robust Supply Chain
  • Excellent Nuclear Human Resources
  • Nuclear Human Resources Development
Competitiveness of KEPCO image
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