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KEPCO is there to create high added value for all as the stable supplier of electric power and customer-oriented services.

Procurement Notice
No Public Notice No. Subject Matter of Contract Announcement Date Tendering Date
5167 E012205460 재생E 수용성 증대 계통해석 모델링 기술개발 2022.06.24 2022.07.05
5166 G012203586 D Type Racks for Low Voltage Distribution 2022.06.23 2022.08.04
5165 E012205374 Financial and Tax Equity Advisory Services (Solar Power Project, Texas, USA) 2022.06.22 2022.07.04
5164 E012205292 인천지역 전기공급시설 전력구공사(아암분기) 2022.06.20 2022.08.09
5163 E012205300 미국 Spider 개발사업 세무회계 자문사 선정 2022.06.20 2022.06.30
5162 G012203487 Step Bolts 2022.06.20 2022.08.03
5161 G012203488 Fall Protection Device for Tower Transmission Line 2022.06.20 2022.08.03
5160 G012203435 Cleat for Phase Isolation of 154kV Underground Electric Power Cable 2022.06.16 2022.07.28
5159 E012205245 미국 Spider 개발사업 법률자문 용역 2022.06.16 2022.06.27
5158 G012203389 G-Type저압전자식전력량계(1P2W,5A) 30,294EA - 전북본부외 2022.06.15 2022.06.21
for information
  • KEPCO intends to enter into a contract for the equipment below through a single source contract
  • If you have an opinion about this contract, please let us know not later than 5 days after the announcement date.