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KEPCO seeks win-win competition based on independent R&R of each Group company to ensure joint development of KEPCO Group companies.

Public and private electric power projects require companies in different disciplines to work in unison to create the maximum synergy. The group of KEPCO companies represents KEPCO's global, competitive advantages that satisfy such requirement. To stably supply electric power and strengthen competitiveness of all KEPCO companies, KEPCO and its subsidiaries & affiliates join forces to maximize the effects of power generation fuel procurement, R&D projects and responses to climate change.
  • KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc. image

    KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc.


    Founded to secure independent technologies for designing and building nuclear power plants and thermal power plants, KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company Inc. grew to a world-class nuclear power plant designer. Its portfolio includes OPR1000 and APR1400, the original Korean nuclear power plants recognized for excellent reliability, safety and economy. KEPCO E&C also exported designs and technologies for 500, 800·and 1,000MW standard coal-fired power plants. KPECO E&C significantly improved competitiveness of Korean energy industry in the areas of power transmission, transformation, new/renewable energy and project/construction management (PM/CM).
  • KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co. Ltd. image

    KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co. Ltd.


    KEPCO KPS is a world-class plant service provider that provides high-quality maintenance services to electric power facilities (nuclear, thermal, hydro, etc.), power transmission/transformation facilities and industrial facilities. It plays a major role in preventing unplanned failure and increasing throughput of facilities by diligently carrying out maintenance services during pre-commissioning, ordinary maintenance during commissioning process, planned preventive maintenance and repair. KEPCO KPS is expanding its business scope to foreign countries and established presence in 25 countries including the United States, Australia and Saudi Arabia.
  • KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. image

    KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.


    KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. (KEPCO NF) is Korea’s only company dedicated to nuclear fuel design and production with the objective to localize supply of nuclear fuel and achieve technological independence. KEPCO NF is engaged in high-level reactor core design, nuclear fuel fabrication, safety analysis and other related services. In many ways, KEPCO NF has been seeking opportunities for upgrading and expanding to global markets by developing and patenting nuclear fuel and design codes. KEPCO NF has been supplying nuclear fuel to all nuclear power plants in Korea, both PWR and PHWR, using its localization experiences and deep knowledge in related technologies. In addition, KEPCO NF has been constantly exporting primary components of nuclear fuel and service equipment. KEPCO NF started supplying nuclear fuel to Barakah nuclear power plant in UAE in 2017.
  • KEPCO Knowledge Data Network Co., Ltd. image

    KEPCO Knowledge Data Network Co., Ltd.


    KEPCO KDN is founded exclusively to support KEPCO’s ICT operation and provides total ICT services across all areas of electric power system and it is growing into a global ICT company specializing in electric power systems. KDN’s major roles and responsibilities include implementing and operating ICT systems, providing ICT services related to electric power, building and maintaining ICT infrastructure, providing intelligent electric power distribution and assuring information security. It also researches technologies for PLC AMI and smart distribution system required to achieve the smart grid.

KEPCO’s Subsidiaries – Other Subsidiaries

As of June, 2021 (unit : billion KRW, %)

KEPCO group companies
Company name Major business Capital KEPCO’s Share
Amount Ratio
KEPCO Engineering & Construction Company, Inc.
Electric power generation unit design
Electric power equipment maintenance
Nuclear power plant fuel design and production
ICT service