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Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) will leap forward towards the “best energy platform” company in the world.
Welcome to our website.
KEPCO is a public corporation of Korea that has grown constantly for the past twelve decades backing up the industrial growth of the country with stable power supply.
The company has been brought to where it stands today by the warm support from the people and its customers.
As ushering in the era of carbon neutrality, KEPCO is doubling its effort to lead the shift in energy paradigm with its three-pillar goals:
decarbonization of the power industry, decentralization of electricity production and consumption, and intelligentization of the eco-system of the entire energy sector.
To that end, we are committed to applying the best of ourselves to staying ahead of the curve as well as playing a pivotal role in creating solidarity and cooperation to drive mutual growth with local communities.
At the same time we would not neglect the marginalized neighbors and make sure to be more accessible to the customers at all times.
We ask for your continued keen interest in KEPCO’s upgrading itself to the world-best energy platform company, being more Capable KEPCO, Reliable KEPCO and Respectable KEPCO.
Thank you.!
Korea Electric Power Corporation President & CEOEONG, SEUNG-IL