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“KEPCO aims to create 'Beyond the Top,
Leading KEPCO' through business transformation”
Dear esteemed stakeholders,
I sincerely appreciate all our stakeholders’ continual support for KEPCO.
KEPCO strives to create a sustainable energy future for everyone by leading the new energy industry that responds to the new climate change regime while fulfilling our mission to stably supply the best quality electricity and improve the quality of our customer’s lives by continuing to implement the finest electricity business that has been in operation for the last 118 years.
“KEPCO has become the No.1 Global Electric Utility.”
KEPCO was listed as the world’s No.1 Electric Utility in the Forbes Global 2000 published in May, 2016 for the first time in its history.
Moreover, its stock price has experienced a steady rise since the renewal of the highest price in July 2015 and we received the highest credit rating among global electric utilities by the world’s three credit rating agencies, Moody’s, S&P and Fitch. This is incredibly important as the world not only recognises our stable electricity supply and our efficient management performances, but also the sustainable future value of KEPCO.
“KEPCO is establishing a new future with clean energy.”
The new energy industry has recently drawn more attention than ever, and a new market, technology and industry have been being created with the acceleration of convergence between technology and industry. The waves of such change and innovation require a conversion to a more clean and efficient future energy. KEPCO is building an eco-friendly electricity environment by taking the lead in the technological development and commercialization of new energy businesses such as the establishment of the ESS (Energy Storage System) for matching the world’s largest frequency, 236MW; the fostering of eco-friendly energy-independent islands including Ulleungdo; and the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles to 3,660 chargers by 2018. Moreover, KEPCO conducts 37 projects in 22 countries such as the Middle East, North, Central America and Africa, which presently includes the UAE Nuclear Power Plant, and is diversifying business models not only in the traditional areas of thermal and nuclear power but also in renewable energy and new energy business exports. We aim to build a global KEPCO belt that connects all continents in the mid-to-long-term through these achievements.
“KEPCO is creating an Energy World where values are shared by everyone.”
Since the KEPCO HQ changed its location to Naju in December, 2014, KEPCO has been successfully carrying out the “Bitgaram Energy Valley” project to turn the Gwangju Jeonnam Region into a hub for the electric power energy industry. With an aim to attract 500 energy-related companies by 2020, agreements for investment in the Energy Valley have been concluded with 133 companies, as of June 2016, and we are building “Bitgaram Energy Valley” into a coexistence role model that shares values with local communities, for example, the expansion of localized R&D investment through industry-university-research collaboration. Through operating an export guarantee system for SMEs, KEPCO runs various programs for mutual growth with SMEs including helping to locate an overseas market, enhancing joint R&D and boosting technology capabilities. In addition, the world’s first international exposition for new electric power technology, ‘BIXPO 2015,’ was successfully held last year attracting about 30,000 visitors and ‘BIXPO 2016’ is scheduled for this November.
With the new slogan of ‘Beyond the Top, Leading KEPCO’, KEPCO aims to be a future-oriented leader in the new energy environment beyond the world’s No.1 electric utility. KEPCO will implement sustainable development by leading the global energy market with a leap in innovation beyond ourselves.

I appreciate your continual support for KEPCO as we work together for a better, eco-friendlier tomorrow.
Thank you.
KEPCO CEO & President Cho Hwan-Eik 조환익