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Power Solution Provider

Cutting-edge technologies indispensable to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of power systems.
Electricity is an essential part of economic development as well as our daily lives, and power utilities are responsible for generating and delivering electricity. It goes without saying the utility companies are in need of their customers.
KEPCO has achieved excellent performance in the area of power supply reliability and power quality based on technologies related to power system operation and management developed by the KEPCO Research Institute (KEPRI). These technologies have been adopted not only in Korea but by power utilities in other countries, as well.
Of these, 74 cutting-edge technologies capable of enhancing the efficiency and reliability of power systems are introduced here.
They are categorized into Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Renewables/ICT.
As Utility Companies look to upgrade their power systems, KEPCO looks forward to explaining or providing more information on the aforementioned technologies, Inquiries may be made to KEPCO by email at shocking@kepco.co.kr or telephone at +82-2-3456-3774