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Transmission Project Procedure and KEPCO’s Major Services

Feasibility Study
Design & Engineering
Operation & Maintenance
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Procurement & Construction
  • * EPC : Engineering, Procurement, Construction
  • * BO(O)T : Build, Own, Operate, Transfer

Transmission Project Business Scope and Strengths

  • 765kV Overhead
  • 345kV Bay-crossing
  • Outdoor AIS
    Indoor GIS
  • Underground GIS


  • Business Scope
    • Overhead and underground lines(upto 1000kV)
    • Substation and switch yard construction (AIS/GIS, Indoor/outdoor/underground)
    • SCADA, Energy Management System (EMS)
    • Equipment diagnosis and reinforcement
    • Testing and commissioning
  • EPC Strengths
    • Various EPC experience domestically and internationally
    • Highly experienced personnel, with over 10,000 T&D employees
    • Experts in international standards and quality management
    • Introduce EDCF loan from K-Exim and other international funding
  • BOT Strengths
    • More than 50 years of construction and O&M experience
      • Transfer of technologies during construction and operation stages
      • Securing long-term system reliability by installing quality equipment/facilities
      • Procurement of materials at fair prices with KEPCO’s bargaining power
    • Arrangement of custom-tailored project financing
      • Minimize financial costs using KEPCO’s high credit ratings
      • Offer attractive financing options to customers by financial specialists

Technical Consulting

  • Business Scope
    • Master plan development
      • Short-term and long-term demand forecasting
      • Generation and transmission system planning
    • Feasibility study
    • Consulting for construction project management
      • Basic and detailed designing
      • Bid preparation, evaluation, and contract management
      • Performing supervision and commissioning tests
  • Strengths
    • Technical expertise accumulated over 50 years
    • Well-organized technical supporting units within KEPCO
    • Significant comprehensive overseas consulting experience
Technical Consulting image