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KEPCO Group Overseas business

KEPCO strives to realize its vision as the Global Top Green & Smart Energy Pioneer to rise into the top energy company in the world by overcoming the limitations in the saturated domestic market and creating a new growth engine in the global market. As of the end of 2011, it is generating an annual $9.8 million in revenue from 800,000tons/year sales agreement of carbon emission rights, which prevents global warming, and it runs 13,143MW in total capacity and 4,939MW in stake capacity overseas that has allowed KEPCO to generate 1445.3 billion KRW in overseas sales in 2011. KEPCO will continue to take aggressive forays into overseas businesses including nuclear power, thermal power, new/renewable energy, resource development, smart grid and other news areas and new contents to create future growth engine, thereby increasing profitability and global brand value on a sustainable basis.

KEPCO Group structure

KEPCO owns 100% shares in six nuclear and thermal generation companies. Those generation companies and other affiliates related to design, maintenance, and nuclear fuel supply form a KEPCO group. KEPCO envisions a win-win competition based on independent R&R of each Group company to support joint development of KEPCO Group companies along with cooperation on specific issues such as overseas business or government-led projects that require synergy in the electric power industry. KEPCO Group companies also work together on economic procurement of power generation fuel, R&D and response to climate change to ensure stable supply of electric power and enhanced capabilities of the entire KEPCO Group companies.
  • Asset : USD 137bil
  • Sales : USD 44bil
51% Korean Government
Transmission & Distribute, Sale
KHNP (100%)
Nuclear, Hydro
  • Asset : 35.8
  • Sales : 5.9
KOSEP (100%)
Thermal, Renewable
  • Asset : 5.8
  • Sales : 3.9
KOMIPO (100%)
Thermal, Renewable
  • Asset : 4.7
  • Sales : 4.4
W P (100%)
Thermal, Renewable
  • Asset : 4.7
  • Sales : 4.6
KOSPO (100%)
Thermal, Renewable
  • Asset : 5.3
  • Sales : 5.2
EWP (100%)
Thermal, Renewable
  • Asset : 5.1
  • Sales : 4.3
KNFC (96.4%)
Nuclear fuel design & Manufacturing
KPS (75%)
Maintenance & Repair for plants
LG U+ (7.5%)
Telecommunication & Information service
KDN (100%)
Information technology service
KEPCO E&C (74.9%)
Engineering Service
KEPID (29%)
Metering of electricity
KOGAS (24.5%)
LNG supply
KDHC (19.6%)
Supply of heating

* Equity percentage in parenthesis, As of Dec 31, 2011

Domestic Power Plants in Operation

149,000 GWh (19GW)
28,000GWh (8GW)
101,000GWh (20GW)
200,000GWh (24GW)
8,000GWh (6GW)

* Total: 175 units / 496,000GWh / 79GW

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