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KEPCO is there to create high added value for all as the stable supplier of electric power and customer-oriented services.

Procurement Notice
No Public Notice No. Subject Matter of Contract Announcement Date Tendering Date
3897 G011708219 LTE modem for Electric Vehicle Charging Station 2017.10.19 2017.10.31
3896 G011708102 Digital TRS Data Terminal for DAS 2017.10.17 2017.11.28
3895 KH2017PN028-1 2 set of TCSC (Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor) 2017.10.17 2017.10.27
3894 E011711005 [Retender] 미국 Law Firm 선정 2017.10.17 2017.10.27
3893 G011708045 Hanger Bands for Pole Transformers & 31,400SET 2017.10.16 2017.11.28
3892 G011708067 Steal Pipe Type Gantry Tower, 244.383ton 2017.10.16 2017.10.24
3891 G011708030 Ground Rods & 340,600ea(100337), 204,360ea(100351) 2017.10.13 2017.11.23
3890 G011708034 Wireless Modem for Automatic Meter Reading 2017.10.13 2017.11.08
3889 E011710946 인공지능형 다면영상 입체정보 분석 기반 상황인식 기술 개발 2017.10.13 2017.11.23
3888 G011708004 centrifugal force method reinforced concrete blast tube 165BON etc. 2017.10.13 2017.11.23
for information
  • KEPCO intends to enter into a contract for the equipment below through a single source contract
  • If you have an opinion about this contract, please let us know not later than 5 days after the announcement date.